Botanical Gardens – Melbourne Protest (alleged location)

Haven’t seen anything yet but cops everywhere, not sure if they’re protesting or not.

Saturday 2 October

Written by Melbourne Ground


  1. Another staged event. Those pesky protesters, always turning up in groups of 10 and getting arrested right in front of the camera to be put on the 6 o’clock news that night and demonised. It’s like it was planned to come out that way 🤔

  2. Great tactic organised ‘protests ‘ everyday everywhere
    Vic pol resources are running out use up all that overtime. How many horses and riot police do they have ? They will be exhausted in about 10 days .
    Desperate government doing desperate things

  3. Species amongst us humans who got no conscience.
    Dan has his perfect life in tact.
    Narcissists, sociopaths and psychopaths have no capacity feel to remorse. HE HAS NO CLUE OF THE DAMAGE HE HAS CAUSED.

  4. Victoria Police are now an international disgrace. They should never expect public support again. They are not welcome anywhere..

  5. Let's see now, we have a jogger, a few out for a stroll on a nice day and police on horseback. The videographer is wondering if the police are protesting? I think not.