Botched COVID Treatment Roll-Out Contradicts FDA Guidelines Is Endorsed By Biden

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  1. So… it's possible to use the newly produced vaccine for the second dose – rather than holding one as back-up reserve. Logistics and planning can make it so the second doses required are coming from the new ones in the production line – especially of production is continuously up-scaling. It takes math. But it is perfectly possible.

  2. Do people really WANT this vaccine?? Especially two doses?? Haven't you checked out the information about the pandemic? The information that this is NOT a vaccine by definition? and what this injection means to people?

  3. I'm looking forward to 2024. The democrats will get EXACTLY what they deserve. Also the mid terms are gonna be SPICY. I just ask that you all remember the vile rhetoric and blatant partisan hackery that got us here. You think you can lie too and abandon 70 million people with no consequences? LMFAO.

  4. Seeing as neither "vaccine" has undergone the required lymphatic and endocrine testing on small mammals to determine their efficacy & safety for humans, which according to the FDA are THE prerequisite for obtaining Phase1 trials appproval, these gov't-issued injectables are essentially untested flu shots; with us literally being used as guinea pigs.

  5. Jimmy, google and find this article by Peter Doshi, editor at the British Medical Journal: Pfizer and Moderna’s “95% effective” vaccines—we need more details and the raw data.
    According to that article, for the time being, the efficiency of the vaccine looks like it's 19%, not 95%.

  6. You must have forgotten that Biden received 4 medical degrees, was top of his class, in fact and was the youngest ever invited to be a guest professor in the Medical school of Plagiarism

  7. Jimmy: Why on God's green earth do you give any credence to ANYTHING CNN has to say about ANYTHING? I know a lot of nurses and doctors that have had both doses, or are scheduled to get their second dose; including my primary.

  8. I can’t believe that the scientists within either the Biden or Trump camp would do this because they’d be developing a superbug that’s resistant to the vaccine. They’d literally be rendering immunisation programs across the globe useless.

  9. if they are delivering the vaccine in very high numbers and you can count on that,… you can go with the "giving all shots out as they come in" suggestion… and still get your second shot

  10. I am not going to shame anyone's rona conspiracy theories. Be hysterical programmed cattle if you want. But it just isn't a reality where I live. I don't know anyone who has had it and half don't wear masks at all. By the way, the ubiquitous strap muzzle masks are pointless and actually more likely to infect you or others than it would prevent the spread. It extends the potential exposure period due to the viral load living on the surface area of the mask for hours. You'd need a full head covering including eye shield if you actually fear the virus. Truth is, there are many dangers and there always will be. Decide whether you will live your life on your terms in spite of this or whether you will submit to their clown reality and live a dark, controlled, miserable life with death still awaiting at the end anyway. Have a nice day though.❤❤

  11. You can't trust the FDA any way..
    The FDA are the once who help push for marijuana propaganda and are the ones claiming that kratom is deadly wich has been proven wrong time and time again..

  12. People get on their website put yourself on their mailing list bookmark their web address because big Tech is coming. We are about to be in a post truth world where what is true and what is false is dictated by the agendas of companies that don't care about us.

  13. Jimmy this is ANOTHER example of govt ineptitude. Why push for Med4All, it would just be another overpriced shitty govt programs, that would make the problem WORSE. See Dept of EDU

  14. This is the same federal government you want to run your free health care. Be careful what you ask for and ask a vet how he or she likes their government run free health care.