“Bounties on U.S. Troops” Story Collapses!

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  1. I agree with Jimmy Dore in many cases I just find it odd that he never has anything bad to say about Russia. I really hope my suspicion is wrong. My suspicion started when I saw him on RT in an old klip. So I'm asking does he have som kind of Russian agenda or is it just a coincidence that I have never heard him say anything bad about the Russian society. Russia is in many ways a more inequal sociaty then America. They do like America fight empirical wars in far away countries. So can Jimmy Dore be trusted as an independent voice?

  2. Jimmy is called bull crap center, and the FBI it's called the federal bull crap off incompetence, and the United states history is manufactured history meaning it's all fabricated lies, United states was never a democracy and would never be anything but a plutocracy gangsters for capitalism, oligarchy runs the United states and the world.MATANDOGUEROS .

  3. I have said this many times to my progressive friends and I'll say it again. Trump is the candidate who atleast echoes some progressive beliefs, the moment you have him gone, we will be going to war against countries we could never point too on a map. I was a never Trumper, maybe still am, but when he pulled out of a possible war with Iran over a drone, I promised myself I'll never judge anyone at face value. He asked his generals before calling off the airstrike: "How many people (Iranians) will be killed?" It hit me hard, I wondered why couldn't the people who were cheering on the airstrike ask this fundamental question, have we as a country lost basic decency.

  4. In America you can be a President that goes to war against Iraq and Afghanistan when the alleged culprits that attacked us were confirmed to be all Saudi’s before the smoke was gone; then say it will be an “in & out” engagement, which results in a never ending destructive process that Killed many Americans and our allies, including hundreds of thousands of innocent locals…and still be welcomed with open arms by Ellen and the rest of media. Colin Powell speaking at the DNC convention after his guarantees that Iraq was a threat to us with weapons of mass destruction??? Nothing ever changes because the DC career politicians think they are Royalty and thus immune to actual penalties for lying over and over again. All war profiteers, both Dems and Republicans, and ironically Trump looks like a huge improvement in actions compared to Obama, if in fact Americans followed actions instead of relying on words. If anyone ever challenged the powers that be and addressed how many times they’ve promised to be certain about something and then proven to be completely wrong due to corrupt and hidden agendas we would have a whole new lineup in DC and at the State level. But money controls politics and not the People, so I have lost all confidence in the Republic.

  5. There wouldn’t be so many psychopaths in power all supporting each other if we simply screened out the psychopaths using genetic screening. We have to put them in prison before they infect our government and hurt people

  6. Is Jimmy Dore than only media figure on the left who has any integrity left? Heck, is he the only one period? To have him call out the so-called 'Liberal" media as the liars they are is a sight and sound for the gods.

  7. Even though I don't like Trump, I feel like a Russian-American I have to vote for him like my family did in 2016. I'm really worried that the Democrats will start a WWIII with Russia. I liked Obama back in the day, but his last 2 years he tried to arrange everything for Hillary to go to war.

  8. So killing US soldiers means you need to pay opposing soldiers bounties darn good job incentive. USA military should make demands that they should get same benefits.

  9. Did America think it was a good idea to train some of its citizens on how to destabilize a government?? Did we never think that those same tactics would be used here?

  10. Shit, you mean Russia has still got money after paying Bill and Hillary Clinton all that money and donations to their foundation? , I tell you I'm surprised!

  11. Almost certainly not true as he poked so many holes into it and showed how much was just innuendo

    But let’s say it was true;
    How is that any different than what the United States did during the entire decade of the 80s when we paid and trained an armed the Mujahedeen in the same freaking country and helped them kill Russians/Soviets by the thousands worh stinger missiles especially . Our national “defense” agencies have zero problem doing the exact thing they accuse other countries of doing

  12. The washington post, nytimes, the wall street journal, usa today, twitter, facebook, cnn, msnbc, and the list goes on and on for propaganda spewing liars.

  13. "I don't want to say that we didn't brief the President on possible Russian bounties on American soldiers. It is more nuanced than that. We are moderately confident the President was briefed."

  14. Mr. DORE, over the next few years, unless you will refuse to see reality, you will have to admit to yourself and to your audience that since 2015 you bashed President TRUMP on every show just because he cannot accept your collectivist ideas of universal health care, free education for everyone, and your pie in the sky minimum wage. If Donald TRUMP tried your utopian rainbow, America would collapse economically in less than six months. Just look at Canada – unless a patient is dying in the waiting room of a hospital, the wait time for being seen by a doctor is measured in hours upon more hours. The waiting time for a more complicated procedure is measured in months and years. That's why those who can afford it, seek medical treatment in the U. S. So, get informed before you trumpet socialist ideological garbage. I urge you to look at President TRUMP's accomplishments from a detached, objective position.

  15. Regarding Putin bribing Afghans to kill American soldiers, Afghanistan is known as the land where empires go to die, because Alexander the Great, the Persian, Genghis Kahn, the British, the Soviets and now we can’t conquer it, so I doubt those people need to be bribed to kill soldiers from an invading army. I love peanut butter cookies and I'll eat them whether I am paid to do or not, so why should Putin pay me to eat peanut butter cookies?