“Boutique” Left Worked OBSESSIVELY To Undermine Anti-War Rally

The Rage Against the War Machine Rally in DC proved a success, much to the chagrin of many alleged “leftists” who did everything in their power to undermine the effort and call organizers every disparaging name possible. Now organizers hope to build on this success to grow the anti-war movement, but how far will the faux left go to kill a left-right alliance that could lead to actual peace?

Guest host Aaron Maté and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger talk to The Grayzone’s Max Blumenthal, who spoke at the rally, about the “fringe” elements who waved Russian flags and the challenges of bringing together activists with such wide-ranging beliefs to fight for a common cause.

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  1. You guys being for wide open borders is the only policy where you differ from the new conservative like myself. I really don't understand why you're for letting anyone in and not vetting them

  2. Do you guys get it yet?? All the shit the media said about Trump are the SAME LIES they're telling about YOU!!! Trump was one of the best presidents we've had in a long time. The Dems and the corrupt media keep saying the enemy of America is Trump. Are your eyes completely open now???

  3. This is funny. Everyone in America scared of Russian flag. From now on I'll bring to every rally both flags – my favorite flag of USSR and Russian flag.
    America delenda est.
    Feel free to convince yourself that I'm American neonazi who was send by neocons to make this post and delete it.LMAO.

  4. My full respect for you,guys.We have a worse problem with the anit-war movement in Sweden..They are pro Ukraine and nothing else.They support the government and its vapen delivery to Ukraine.

  5. As a conservative-leaning, philosophically libertarian individual who voted twice for Trump, I gotta say: Max knocked it out of the park! I didn't know he had that kind of voice in him – he's usually so soft spoken. Impressive stuff. The Russian Flag – while almost assuredly a troll move by a pro-establishment, pro-DNC Shit Lib – didn't bother me. True peace means all nations and citizens should be welcomed to such a rally. The media was going to call you a Russian Asset, with or without the flag. Heck, they most likely would have just photoshopped a flag in, either way – it's just that their likely paid hack did the physical work for them.

    My only criticism for Max is that – at least in the clip he provided – he only pointed the finger at Neocons for the current situation in Ukraine and elsewhere. While this isn't incorrect, I've grown to dislike that label, as it's a bit of a misnomer: There is little to nothing that is conservative about "Neoconservatism". Legitimate conservatism is, in part (or at least in my assessment) supposed to be intrinsically domestic-oriented / predominantly isolationistic in nature. At its core, a legitimate conservative is (or, rather, should be) concerned mostly with the protection of national cultural values, the implementation of responsibile fiscal policy, and minimizing federal power in favor of granting states more individual autonomy and authority – all of these things, when embraced by a genuine conservative, are, by their nature, intrinsically anti-war, and are therefore domestically protectionistic / defensive in nature, in terms of how the military is to be utilized (Trump sometimes calls it "peace through strength", a term which – while on the surface seems uninituitive and Orwellian – rather succinctly describes the more defensive, domestic-oriented, preventative, and anti-war inclinations of those who are true, classical conservatives.)

    Yet, the so-called Neocons share nothing in common with real conservatism, and is 100% antithetical to libertarianism. I think a more apt term might be Global-Imperialism™️, and is a cancer that has metastasized in the establishment left, the establishment right, and all Western nations that have something to gain from permanent conflict, and who ultimately seek an eventual one world, authoritarian governing body – something which "conspiracy theorists" have been sounding the alarm on for decades, but which is only now starting to be taken seriously in the highly fascistic COVID era.

    Nevertheless, I see all of these groups as belonging to one singular uniparty, under the banner of Global-Imperialism™️

    But yeah, I think JD and Max did great! I wish I could have been there…but, my car died a few months back, and so – thanks to hyper inflation, particularly in the used car market – I had no easy way of getting there, despite living only a couple hours from DC.

  6. The disarray of the left, led to the rise of Nazi Germany. History may not repeat itself, but it sure rhymes.

    Don’t make this into a competition. Find a way to unite. Go to their anti-war rally too.

  7. It's not just about Islamophobia. There are actors involved who either downplay brutalisation of African Americans or call for harsher treatment for small infractions. That experience can't be ignored. Racism can't be ignored. The US empire was built on the backs of African slaves – this can't be ignored. When you have those who club together under a far right banner and/or openly espouse racist rhetoric then that's a big problem. Opposing war isn't enough if you're teaming up with the far right.

  8. You say this rally brought different people with different political opinions, but united in one purpose: oppose NATO, the U.S. military industrial complex, and their puppet régime in Kiev. Indeed. And that includes people who DO support Russia, who DO believe Russia is NOT our enemy, who honor the sacrifices Russia made 80 years ago to defeat the 3rd Reich and who recognize the sacrifices Russia is making today to defeat the 4th Reich. So yeah I'm an American who flies the Russian flag together with the U.S. flag. My U.S. flag stands for an America free of the rule of the 1% imperialist class!

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