“Brace for Rationing” – Food Crisis Escalates – EU farmers furious

The food crisis is escalating: more countries are halting exports, but even as the EU converges a food crisis meeting, they refuse to relax restrictions on farmers. Similarly, the US is not waiving biofuel mandates even as grain prices explode. Christian explains that this crisis is needed to advance the agenda, and reiterates the priorities for your victory garden to insulate your family and community from this worldwide food crisis. Start growing today.


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  1. How do we win the hearts and minds of people in the military and police such that they refuse to implement government agendas of "power over"? So much good work could be done if we could divert the efforts of those people away from "war" and "security interests" to actual real progress and valuable work regenerating soils and forests through coppice agroforestry and permaculture

  2. Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. I bet the Germans feel stupid now for listening to a little Swedish girl as they got rid of their nuclear power plants and now have to rely on Russia to SURVIVE. Western media has lied us into countless wars, but you still decide to believe them. Lying occurs a debt to the truth. And now the truth is coming to collect. No amount of Western propaganda will save you from what's coming…

  3. Good info here! First time visitor here. We run a small family farm with small flocks and good gardens. So we're the bug out for our extended families in these times. I think that people need to reach out to these smaller farms and try to arrange some sort of farm share where you can exchange goods or services in exchange for an animal or some garden produce. Especially those who live in urban or even suburban settings. Feed prices are going to hit a crisis level for the little guys very soon here. I am worried that is smaller operations may find ourselves shut out of the feed supply so that the governments can direct feed to the larger factory or commercial farms! This we prep like never before!

  4. I've been wondering about the real reason behind the Russia-Ukraine "event." We know it's been planned by the "elite." Maybe if nothing else its to set up blame for the "fall guys" when the upcoming planned food/gas/energy shortages commence.

  5. Hi Christian! Thank you for everything you do to inform people. I was wondering, we know that by 2030 we'll own nothing and be happy as per Davos Agenda, so probably there are plans to forbid also individual, home gardens. For instance, I have a garden where I cultivate roughly 80% of what I eat but if some soldiers will show up at my door saying that I need to stop cultivating vegetables and fruits because I use water and I hurt the climate, then what? because this is what Stalin did with Holodomor, you end up without a garden, totally reliant on industrial agriculture.

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