Brace Yourself! Jamie Dimon Warns Of An Economic Hurricane

Market Recap:
0:00 Intro
1:37 JPMorgan Inc.
8:03 Jamie Dimon Hurricane Warning
10:33 Economic Collapse
26:50 Marker Performance
28:05 Commodities
32:37 Options
35:17 Heat Map
38:45 Charts
48:00 Outlook

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  1. Nobody making $250k is living paycheck to paycheck. They would like to say that they're living paycheck to paycheck, but if you're maxing out your 401k and paying for 2 cars and monthly vacations, it's not living paycheck to paycheck. It's just rich millennials who are culturally appropriating destitution. It's disgusting.

  2. So the "loyal" employees are spending time and money for mouse jigglers instead of actually work. Now, does anybody blame Elon Musk ordering his employees to come back to Tesla' offices instead of "working" from home? Of course, the "geniuses" who work on not working miss one big point – it is not about mouse movements, but actual work: entering/changing data, taking phone calls, producing real results like lines of code. Good one on JPM.

  3. This is how I took Jamie comments. RETAIL people, please sell all your stock as JPMORGAN will be into the market last part of the years. Oh, that was his man on CNBC SAYING the end of the year was going to be great.

  4. I think, we will be OK while you are away. We will just follow Kathi Wood. Whatever she does, we are goanna to the opposite position, then we will be Alright.

  5. We're all screwed. With all the problems this country has and an economy built on printed money somehow people are still buying the dips. Amazing imaginations of a liberal utopia people have. We're screwed.

  6. Millennials are insucure and up each other's starfish, one knows someone with a Tesla, so they have to have a Tesla. They see lifestyle on TikTok and Instagram, so they have to spend baby spend on "experience" like going to Disney Land, millennials prefer to spend on experiences over possessions.

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