Brave Chinese Protesters Fighting for Freedom vs Selfish Far Right Extremists Endangering Democracy

Brave Chinese Protesters Fighting for Freedom Against Draconian Lockdowns vs Selfish “Far Right Extremists” Endangering Democracy and Grandma.

How the mainstream legacy media manipulates the West.

Written by Real Rukshan


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  1. MSM HYPOCRITES, you talk about other countries , where were you when the police were shooting peaceful protesters in Melbourne with rubber bullets, kicked and punched and jailed. And where were you when police used LRAD WEAPON ON mums and dads, the elderly and children at Parliament House? What you see in China actually happened in Melbourne, but not a whisper from the HYPOCRITES MSM

  2. Main stream media hoisted by it's own petard.
    Congratulations Rukshan,you have discovered how to use hypocrisy to kill cognitive dissonance.
    If only we could get everyone in the country/world to watch this video.

  3. Thank you for this Rukshan.
    My head has been spinning with all these kinds of snippets and grabs playing in my mind as I watch the continual crazy gaslighting of us all.
    The sounds in your collation are perfect 👌🏻 for the lunacy of it all.
    This has been going on for so long.
    Thank you for all your stoic and true reporting.

  4. That second part, bravery of going out without masks. That makes me angry.
    These people in Canada and Australia have some serious fucking gall for calling every westerner who did the same racist, sexist, nazis, etc.

  5. what a fucked up protesters have every right to fight back for their freedoms until things go back to normal this all thing is corrupted Freedom fighters keep pushing protest like in china should look like that in Melbourne to fight back we will not take knee we will stand up chest up fight back no way in 4 years that i will not knee to government or prime minister or premier of Andrews never take a knee to that i will stand up for it

  6. It's ok to change names to sepreate away from slavery but it's ok to trade with modern day slavery… nicce pple standards … why is it hard trade with free countrys no kissing china's boots.

  7. Sad thing is people who watch the media and cannot see hypocrisy. I now have videos and messages I send to people saying “have you seen how bad it is in china?!” Wait for response “yeah horrible” and then I send them Melbourne footage. Crickets. You really cannot wake up these idiots!

  8. The gaslighting is next level! Good that most of us can see through the BS. Why is Stan Grant even asked to be on anything? He is so corruptible and entirely irrelevant 😬

  9. Sorry Rukshan but I can't help your metrics on this one as I had to stop watching after that shill from the panel said about China being partly to blame for inflation
    So infuriating
    Just a bunch of virtue signalling twats who only a year ago were criticising the people of Melbourne and the rest of Australia for doing the same thing

  10. this reminds me of when the west formed a coalition of the willing to invade Iraq in 2003 and then criticised Russians for doing the same thing in Ukraine

    Australia, USA and England weren't banned from the 2006 world cup, 2004 olympics or anything else

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