Brave doctors SPEAK OUT to reclaim medicine

🚨A newly-formed medical union gathered in Melbourne at the weekend in a bid to RECLAIM MEDICINE from the tight grip of political control. The message from BRAVE DOCTORS who attended was clear: KEEP POLITICS OUT of medicine. Full story:


Rebel News:

Written by Avi Yemini

Proud Ozraeli


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  1. The worst news is that the world is controlled by the biggest liars, hypocrites, frauds, evils, psychopaths, inhumans, demons and obeyed by idiots, sheeps, maddogs.
    The good news is that everything has an beginning and an ending. The ending of psychopathic world is near.

  2. Demons/Demonic Cult/Demonic institutions/Demonic World Orders : EVILS :- UN, WEF, WHO, Govts, Mainstream Media and many more are built & run by the biggest liars hypocrites psychopaths evils inhumans. All evils have sold their souls for satan and satanism. All evils do/can do any kind of evil/demonic activities against human/humanity.

  3. The Government have handed private companies the medical control of its employee's , by saying all employee's require a covid 19 vaccine to keep their job. Governments are criminals.

  4. good for you but the damage is done, if you need a man to have a philosophical doctorate to believe and comprehend the scientific method, and when it is properly applied, well, than this explains why no one listened and we suffered so much for almost 3 years that we will never get back.

  5. While these guys are doing a great job standing up for the good people of this country my doctor is boasting about the 3rd or 4th jab that the got I kinda switched off and didn't pay any attention to the number.

  6. Ill be dead before I step inside of a hospital, their blood transfusions are entirely laced with the you know what, effectively giving you their "lasting effective protection"- I would prefer to die than take the mark.

  7. Here in New Zealand however, Doctors are still being threatened with losing their license if they DARE to say anything negative about the bloody jab! My trust of the medical profession is dead.

  8. Whenever I hear the AMA make statements I dismiss them as they are usually politically motivated. I am responsible for my health. My doctor knows me best and he is best to advise me rather than a political doctor. Govt and their lackeys are never there to help you.

  9. This is great to know, good on these honest true medical professionals that can see through the lies of control. I do not even remember the last time i went to a doctor , I lost all faith, this gives me a little hope.

  10. Not only has a third party entered into the doctor-patient relationship, but that party has rewritten the rules how that relationship is governed devoid of any scientific or medical basis.

  11. While I agree and support these doctors… they are going to struggle to get the government out of medicine….they are and have been the most subsidised industry in Australia , from Medicare to the PBS. you can’t get billions of tax payer dollars without strings attached. Yes there is/ has been over reach But, too many doctors sold-out / went along/ looked after their lifestyle at the expense of medicine’s ethical pillars and patient welfare . Medicine seems to have lost it’s way, not so much a caring vocation or patient centric

  12. I want compensation for being refused medical care because no jab no doctor that's what my doctor told me in November last year and I've been suffering silently getting what ever from supermarket medication get through the day.

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