Brave Message of Unification – Melbourne Protest


October 2021, Marching against PERMANENT EMERGENCY POWERS

Written by Melbourne Ground


  1. When we choose love over fear we discover our true power! To comply is to uphold a lie. With our voices, we will bring back beauty and heal the world of tyranny.

    Creating with my Power

    by Frans Kuiper

    I’ve drawn a line in the sand,

    I know I must take a stand.

    I’m not free not to be free,

    I won’t bow to tyranny.

    I’ll never give my consent,

    I don’t trust the government.

    I believe in sovereignty,

    Politicians don't own me.

    I'm learning to use my voice,

    Not complying is a choice.

    Belief in authority—

    Is to condone slavery.

    I shall be silent no more,

    I’m singing to win the war.

    I have a moral duty,

    I’m here to bring back beauty.

  2. Thank you again Melbourne Ground for all the footage!! The crowd was even bigger today!! We are with you in spirit Melbourne!!! Don't stop fighting!! Much Love from America!