Brave Persian Women FIGHT Islamism In Iran | MUST WATCH


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Written by Mahyar Tousi

Political YouTuber | TalkRadio Contributor | Free Trade Brexiteer | Free Speech, Free Markets, Free People | Small Government | Atheist


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  1. The amount of young girls walking around Birmingham (where I live) wearing the Hijab is depressing. Loved your emotional, genuine reaction. And yes, the Liberal feminists here are as bad as the men (and women) who insist that the hijab must be worn.

  2. They deserve respect, unlike the feminist activists in western countries who desperately keep fantasising about living in a bad country just so they have something to complain about.

  3. Thank you Mahyar. Shocking to see the pictures of Iranian women being beaten for anything let alone what should be their personal freedoms. Let’s hope there are more with the spirit of Mrs Pankhurst.💪🏼

  4. Ironic in this country people are running around wearing one and shouting islamaphobia. Those things have always been about supression, why do you think their cloth are black and mens are white.

  5. Glad you're a reminder of what real immigration is about , appreciating that there was a safe place for your mum , and a voice of sanity to those deceived by the false narratives of the commies

  6. Wow,brilliant women. It was bound to happen. About time. Mens rules,don't see them being covered by a massive, heavy,hot headdress. Not sure but I think I've heard black fabric attracts the heat more than white. Oh yes the men wear white!!! Go girls!!!!!

  7. I have seen historical pictures of Iran from the 1970's. They show a country of freedom and people than thrived, economically and happilly. I' sure there were flaws, but I was amazed to learn that was Iran.

    I have seen more that one movement fight for freedom these past few days alone, and it makes me feel happier that the values of Liberty are being reforged. I'm with you Mahyar in supporting these women. Not these marxist pawns that subverted women's rights in the west. These women here who need to be seen and heard.

    The ideology that takes away the freedom, is the Islam I oppose.

    Also good on Britain for helping your mother and you.

  8. Mahyar please don't apologise, this too breaks my heart and had me in tears. We do need to be very afraid because everything you said is true. The globalists are set on oppressing our country too and I truly hope people are willing to see it has already began. Do people see what the lockdowns were truly about, the mass illegal immigration of the particular type that would support the arrest of women such as these heroes?

  9. These Iranian women know that their natural unalienable common freedoms and rights come direct from God the Creator, not from power obsessed insecure control freak tyrannts from the corporate state and religions who by their actions have little or no concept of God's loving wisdom and the gift of free-will – given to us all, as long as we cause no intentional harm. Love, peace, wisdom and freedom for all, worldwide.

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