Breaking: Amber Heard Facing JAIL TIME After Demanding Employees Lie Under Oath & Bribing Her Vet!

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Written by TheQuartering

Another social commentary channel but this one the guy has a beard! Let's Talk Games! I talk about issues many of us care about in the gaming industry, comics, and the world at large. Come to hopefully both be entertained & informed about a variety of topics.Thanks for subscribing


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  1. Rules don't apply to the elite… I take solice in knowing that her career may be over though. Mainly because Hollywood does follow analytics and when they see public opinion of her is more than 95% negative, it doesn't matter how much they "believe all waman" shes not bankable.

  2. The wrongs I could right in my life if only I had a shit tonne of money and the world's attention! I hope she suffers for her lies, I hope Jonny gets some stick for his lack of self control as far as his lifestyle is concerned but mostly I just wish this case did not reflect my experience (minus the drugs and booze of course) I would not be watching if it didn't as let's be honest this is just Hollywood marriages, that's what happens when narcissists get together.

  3. It is weird reflecting on Pineaaple Express now

    Seth Rogan used to be fun to watch and Amber Turd didn't look so crappy

    Now both are just a steaming pile of disappointment

    Oh well

  4. I’m sure her former assistant wishes she had never taken the job with Amber. She had to put up with her for years and now still in involved in her shenanigans 7 years later.

  5. Think she will wipe her ass with those prisoners sheets??.. She will need a special grit just for her…I wonder if they make Captain Jack bed sheets??… If so I would gladly send her some to make her feel at home 😬

  6. I'm no legal expert, but could this be ground for just tossing her case out the window altogether?

    I'm unfamiliar with how punishing malpractice in the court works, so I thought I'd ask.

  7. Man, funny really, so many people point to the UK Trial where Johnny lost, yet all the evidence brought forward (Text Messages, "Witnesses" and his substance use) never really proofed he actually abused her. The Judge ruled in her favor because her story was more LIKELY. Supposedly they also had Pictures as evidence and I am really curious to see them, because wouldn't they use those in the US Trial if the UK Trial wasn't pretty shady? Or are those the exact same pictures she used in the US Trial, showing that the UK Judge and the two Judges supporting the first Judges verdict are pretty fucking biased or even corrupt? One begs to wonder if all these fancy justice systems really care for the innocent.

  8. This case is proving two things. Amber Heard is a sociopath and she crumbling. Also that the UK courts that sided with her are Kangaroo Courts of the highest order….

  9. Johnny is such a weak, dependent, addicted, annoying little man that I can’t pull for him. He was a shitty husband and too weak both physically and mentally to be a man. Amber is 💯 in the wrong, but also justified.

  10. Weird, I just went to your main page to see if I missed any other video before this one, and this video here wasn't on it. Maybe because I'm too early, but still weird.

  11. She has been begging for attention… they'll all love her in jail for 5-15 years…betcha she gets lots of visitors too…not unless she pays them… what a demonic soul…

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