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  1. I want to know where all this money is coming from for her to be able to do this stuff? There is no money for her lawyers, Her insurance that paid the lawyers want that money back. Im far reaching, or not, but im sticking to my theory That along with her plan through the years to compile faked evidence she was also involved in some of JDs missing money. Someone as rich as he was would not miss a few mill every year. Well until everyone was doing it and nearly robbed him broke. But i just have a sick feeling she was skimming money.

  2. I’m SO happy that JD has decided to also appeal!!
    Awhile back, many people thought that JD might not seek to recover the total amount he won by perhaps working out a number through his attorney’s that she would’ve been responsible to pay him..

    BUT obviously JD and 99% of the world KNOWS EXACTLY what and who AH IS and has ONLY made everything worse thru her chosen loudmouth/mouthpiece Eve BARFlow*(whom AH has already dumped lol) and her *VERY FEW “flying monkeys”
    Threatening people and doxxing people!

    AH and ALL of them have sunk even LOWER than most expected!!
    So sorry NOT sorry!


  3. I don't get it. It's clear she is the abuser. I guess I believe that, because of the unbelievable amount of time I have spent listening to the unbelievable amount of hours of recordings AH made. Her words her recordings. There are thousands of normal people who actually have real lives filled with family and work projects. They unfortunately listen to the main stream media and believe she is the big victim. I don't know why the media has chosen to create this false narrative. It's clear they are in their hate all men and masculinity mode.
    I am not a huge fan of his, never even thought about it. I found out from the hearings there was more than one pirate movie, he stared in Alice in wonderland and he was doing something new. I JUST saw the scissor hands move for the first time. ( Living under rock working to survive)
    Funny it was AH who inspired me to see it. After all she said he convinced the world he had scissors for hands. I liked the movie a lot however I am not convinced JD has scissors for hands because I did see a pirate movie. Clearly regular human hands.
    She is sadly sick in the head, a total gold digger and an abuser must of all A freeloader. A Spoiled rich child who only gets her way when she does her stripper routine. She was stunning but now looks like hell because of all the drugs and drinking finally catching up to her. After all who didn't she sleep with?
    Mr. Depp is lucky to be alive. She had it all and it was never enough. If the mainstream media lied about this can u imagine what else they are clearly lying about!

  4. I have to say,she is doing all this to make herself look bad. Stop and think a minute,all this she is doing she is making a name for herself,she now can write that book.All the talk shows will want to talk to her. SHE IS THE BAD GIRL IN HOLLYWOOD, JUST WHAT SHE WANTS TO BE KNOWN FOR.I can see the title of her book",HOW I FAILED TO KILL MY HUSBAND ".

  5. She is so full of crap and bs. Amber Turd is such an appropriate name for her. This is all too familiar from women like her. That is why you don't MARRY women like her. She will marry then use every penny as a weapon AGAINST you. I'm glad evil women like her are penniless. Just plain dirty and evil.

  6. She is so full of crap and bs. Amber Turd is such an appropriate name for her. This is all too familiar from women like her. That is why you don't MARRY women like her. That would be utterly idiotic. She will marry then use every penny as a weapon AGAINST you. I'm glad evil women like her are penniless. Just plain dirty and evil.

  7. Hey, everybody, how about we take a leaf out of Mr.Depp’s Legal people’s book and we now refer to AH as “the Defendant” forever more! Love it. Not even initials, just “defendant” … maybe we can use lower case not upper case for the “d” too! 😁

  8. She doesn't care if its good or bad attention, as long as she stays in tge public eye. That is why she keeps going for Johnny.
    If it were elon, she wouldn't be in the public eye. The rag mags, TMZ, etc don't really give much time to him, or his shenanigans. They should, but don't. Elon has had many allegations of many things, but it isn't Johnny Depp level coverage.
    She considers infamy as good as fame I guess…
    She just wants that attention. Good or bad. It us kinda sad, really. Cause she will never act again…unless it us a porn….lol maybe a B-movie…years from now. 😆

  9. The only place for Amber to file paper work is with the Welfare Dept and to find the end of the line so she can apply for food stamps. Its the only help her future hold out for her. Amber its all over. Only thing left is the slamming of the door as you are leaving. Bye bye …

  10. I am so sick of her I just don't know what to do next I know how Johnny is feeling bless his heart this heifer does not want to stop abusing Johnny he tried to escape and he did for a while all he wanted to do was clear his name and move on she cannot and will not let go even if she was to win which I know she won't she would still continue to bring him down there's something about Johnny she's out to get I'm glad Johnny is fighting back no matter what I stand with Johnny

  11. Man I will never get sick of hearing your commentary.
    Specially when it comes to the B….H.
    She's a real SICKO!!!!
    Thank you our Umbrella Guy.
    All you guys should get together.
    on the same platform.
    Would be simply MAGIC !!!
    You honor your following
    With the TRUTH!! and
    the FACTS!
    You will never lose us Tug
    No matter what flapper chucks at you.

  12. When you were saying “Head Lines” my Aussie ear was hearing “Head Lice”. Bloody hilarious if you switch the two 😂 All best wishes to you and yours Tug, Jenny K.

  13. Thanks 4 everything you do TUG.
    But you need some tea with honey and lemon 🤣
    Don't get me wrong, it does kinda sound sexy 😏 but we need your voice and it sounds like you're about to lose it.
    Stay well sir. 🙏🏾

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