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  1. Claiming homelessness and not a citizen will not fly in court. Granted, she's has no home, but she can't just give up citizenship like that. In the end, she's going to jail. She's only making it worse for herself.

  2. so shes doing the im a sovereign citizen card .. she should have did a simple youtube search to find out how judges react to that claim.. spoiler they are funny XD

    let me guess shes also a traveller and not a driver too XD

  3. All of this is bizarre. She may have ended her U.S. citizenship recently but I'm sure she was still a citizen when all these "crimes" were committed. So she's still liable. AH is appalling. Thanks TUG AND hope you and your family are ok!💯

  4. If she’s not a citizen of United States and she’s working here then she needs to provide a work visa or be deported back wherever she claims that she’s from and if she’s saying that she’s homeless and doesn’t have a home in United States but she’s still living in the state that’s not how it works you’re still an American citizen regardless if you own a home or not if you have an American Social Security number and if all your records show that you’re an American citizen cause if you’re born in America and you currently live in America regardless if you have a home or not you’re still an American citizen that’s how it works here you ain’t getting out of it.

  5. I truly wonder who advised her on this for one and if her lawyer wasn't deeply shamed to have to submit that load of bullshit into court record. Does she not require an American address to have a valid passport? I'm curious about that, perhaps it different in the US. She's really grasping here. It's embarrassing. And that tells me she just surrounds herself with 'yes' people, oh Yes Amber that's a brilliant idea, you will really catch them with that one 🤣🤣🤣

  6. Well— if she’s homeless shouldn’t someone step in & place her daughter with the father or another family member? Can u imagine growing up with your crazy ass mother who is always on the lam?

  7. From a legal perspective this is a clever move, from a psychological perspective .. another symptom of narcissism. Using every possible hiatus in the law to sabotage every fundamental rule is typical… Constant (borderline) criminal behaviour.

  8. Their is something seriously wrong with Amber. She is conniving, selfish, sneaky, spiteful, nasty, dirty, hateful, a liar, demanding, & down right DANGEROUS. At of all that is coming up about her, her actions & revenge tactics I believe that the authorities should re-open the earlier case where she allegedly accidentally killed one of her best friends. I mean she gets mad at the drop of a hat, perhaps her friend did something 6piss her off & she lost control of herself causing the friends demise. Im just saying that it's something to think about. She has pulled the wool over everyone's eyes before.

  9. Omg how is she finding all these back door out of the many situations that she’s in 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ who’s the sneaky helper?

  10. Yeah. People like her sit on a small fortune and then cry poor mouth…so they keep getting pity and more free money or free perks or free stuff. Perpetual “victim” greed is a bottomless pit.

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