Breaking: Another Crypto Bankruptcy Just Happened

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  1. Why not get a job or start a real business to get money. That way we produce something real. I can't believe so many get sucked into pyramid scams. So foolish.

  2. I just bought another 20 ounces of silver. Those will not fall to zero value. Silver will always be in demand, and that demand continues to increase. It is something tangible that I can always hold.

  3. I'm like, all right… Let's leave all the bias aside and give the guy a benefit of a doubt. He can't have jewish connections right? Not this time, please prove my bias wrong. *Checks his bio*, – Oh my God, not again…… I mean, I'm trying but it's impossible to unsee it.

  4. You're right George, Mashinsky didn't set up his business model to fail, it was a model that was built so he would do very nicely out of it no matter what happens to Celsius. The investors who lost their money is just collateral damage, same old story, CEO's always walk away with a smile even when the company goes bust.

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