BREAKING! Australia WRECKS Amber Heard – CONFIRMS FBI and Witnesses!


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  1. I think if Australia is able to press charges, USA won't insist on extradition so AH will ignore and shall be found guilty in absentia and a ban on ever traveling to Oz again.
    She won't care.

  2. This will be a issue to follow. Does AH tentacles reach to any Uber rich in Australia? Her involvement with the dark side of Hollywierd and all the blackmail she has done and will continue can be a case study. Let’s see how far it will go. I don’t have confidence in our FBI but I’m counting on the Aussies. See if she burns

  3. I hope America law enforcement turns her over to the Australians and that they put her under the jail. Then feed and water her just enough to keep her healthy so she can have a nice long horrid stay down under! 😂

  4. Would have been hilarious if the USA agreed to the extradition in time to the end of the JD defamation case ending so once she left the courthouse, they picked her up and sent her straight to Australia. That would have been big, big news.

  5. Perhaps her delusions e tend to thinking she was a figure like Royalty, demanding Murphy lay down his life to protect Queen Amber from responsibility or embarrassment. She is a total narcissist, and her self image, and public image is very important to her. That’s why I love TUG, and man6 other channels that are exposing her. And she looks like trash. Shady past, violent, abusive, liar. Keep it coming…you know how salty it makes her. She cannot look away. Stick to the ugly truth, and she can’t handle it.

  6. Governments etc are using the court system and prisons to impriso those seeking truth and justice. So, worried JD will be dragged into it all and truth twisted, even imprisoned. (Free Aussie Cossack. Julian Assange etc etc (Oz seem to say more about AH bringing dogs in etc than ever about freeing Assange)

  7. It's gonna get real for them quick when the investigation ends. Followed by Australia demanding she return to face the consequences or be extradited.

  8. Just another example of how she will blackmail someone to get them to lie for her & of her narcissistic projection of accusing JD of using his "power" to control people & get them to do what he wants, when infact she's the one that's been doing that all along.

  9. Yes we Aussies are fuming, this Jezebel horse put our entire economy, our flora and fauna, our unique wildlife, our agriculture at potential risk of devastion cos of her pure self annointed dillusuinal privilege. We hate, and loathe the effing zlut

  10. oz will never get heard , only if juliam is forced to go to the usa can they demand heard , looking at ah,s sex life it makes you wonder what the pistol and boo had to go through as those little dogs do enjoy washing a minge , also you hear nothing about those dogs anymoreonly her new dog barnaby jones , guess if ah is broke she will be sharing the dogs food to survive. things could have been so different for her if she only shut up with her lies after the case ended , if she had said sorry maybe her movie future would not look so dead , wonder if southpark will hire heard to voice mr hankey the christmas poo.

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