BREAKING: Bari Weiss Accidentally Exposes CIA & FBI at Twitter

In the release of the second round of Twitter Files last night, Bari Weiss inadvertently reminded everyone that there are a lot of former CIA & FBI intelligence assets working at Twitter.

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  1. STOP saying that the FBI/cia/nato/gchq/5-eyes have infiltrated the twitter mass communication network, when actually the twitter corporation has privatised & monopolised the national security mass communication network system.

  2. I don't think it was an accident that in the movie "conspiracy theory" Mel Gibson played a paranoid crazy person…..
    In reality, if you don't think along the lines of some conspiracy theories, then you are simply a tool of propaganda, incapable of understanding what's really going on in this crazy world

  3. 24:55 They weren't recruited by Twitter. They were inserted by the three-letter gestapo agencies. Twitter just creates these highfalutin shell positions for these "retired" agents whenever these agencies want to put more assets into Twitter.

  4. Why are they pretending like bans have to go through people? Intelligence has back door access… Nobody would know. Also if they can easily shadow ban, why do they ban fully? Fk social media, only morons get sucked up into this bs drama

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