BREAKING: Biden BANS Russian Oil, Gas Hits ALL TIME HIGH | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar cover the breaking news this morning that gas prices have reached an all time high as President Biden has decided to ban imports of Russian oil as punishment for the invasion of Ukraine

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Rory Johnston:

Written by Breaking Points


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  1. you have been told for years that oil will eventually run out, but being americans you dont give a f–k unless it effects you . Fat greedy yanks destroy the world.

  2. I left HawAii 3.5 years ago because it was unaffordable than. Most of the slave labor lives on the west side of the island and have to commute a long way into town. Also my electric bill was $150 a month without air con, the most expensive in the nation.

  3. Sorry,
    But You can't use the Baby to hold the Bath Water Hostage. Gotta toss it.
    Everybody's gonna need a Major crisis to actually move the Needle.

    Every Economy in the Western Society is completely dependent on Bad Actor States.
    Russia, China, Saudi Arabia have'em by the Balls.
    Cheap goods, wares, fuel, energy, etc. All the greed of 5 generations leads to this inevitable outcome.

    Now, do those Western Societies dig deep within and Innovate, Create, and Solve from within their own Borders and Values???

    Yeah, You know They'll cave because Lazy is easiest

  4. The majority of the country is not in favor of cutting off Russian oil imports – so your opinions are not unpopular. Indicating that the majority of people are is just not accurate and I think it may be biased by your sources of influence. That is ridiculous. The majority of people realize that gas/energy prices have gone up and they believe it's a result of this administration. For most of the population, there is ZERO willingness on the American side to endure inconvenience based on what's going on between Ukraine/Russia.

  5. Please explain why we can’t get more production of oil. How the agreement ending in April contributed to this oil shortage, and how long will it take to get back to regular production.

  6. Chicago hit $6 for premium yesterday. Not only is this gonna hit the working class due to commutes but most of us drive older cars that are generally less efficient, anyway. Not like we’ll be able to afford anything newer, especially now. Complete shit storm.

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