BREAKING: Claims Against Assange FABRICATED

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  1. Well why not the FBI, DOJ, CIA were for five years going after President Trump who was trying to pull USA out if these Wars….
    And don't forget the NY Times, WaPo and the mainstream TV News Bureaus supporting their effort 24/7.

  2. Sadly no word from our government about this case so far .. but it does seem like public pressure is growing for our MPs to at least react to being useful pawns for the Americans.

  3. 1:01
    Well, that's fucking incredible. Bet money no one will talk about this on Twitter. They'd much rather get mad at artists for drawing women inappropriately and tv shows and movies for being too white.

  4. Doesn't surprise me even slightly. The swedish sexual allegations were apparently transparent BS, too, but I haven't personally investigated that charge.

  5. Statute of limitations doesnt mean that the claimed ghosting didnt occur. The claim was that he took his condom off while having consensual sex. Why do you keep messing that up?

  6. Shocker. Most of what has been said about LIES. While he exposes TRUTH which he gets abused, tortured and jailed for by the very country that goes around the world lecturing about "free speech, free press, democracy" blah blah blah so disgusting, hypocritical, double standard and just EVIL, heros like Assange, Manning, Danile Hale ect HEROS expose war crimes, truths while war criminals walk free and if anything are praised and get richer, daughters of war criminals like Meghan McCain gets job on view to brainwash and progandise millions of clueless people into the contuines cycle of war and bloodshed. #FREEASSANGE #FREEDANIELHALE

  7. Kyle do you remember,when the Russian individual who was working for WADA, the anti-doping agency, "exposed Russian Athletes were doping?" that leaker was lauded in the U.S. and was given immunity, protection and financial backing(to live comfortably in the U.S.). As always the US hypocrisy has no end.

    Free Assange, Free Snowden

  8. FREE ASANGE AND FREE HIM NOW!!! Don’t punish the whistleblower. Go after the criminals that are exposed or stop whatever injustice was occurring without the US citizens knowing about it.

  9. Gee whizzzz, someone lied and mass media ran with it for years while independent journalists have been telling the truth (Cassandra Fairbanks)? That’s a first….

  10. This should be the main story on TV news all week, and it should be on the front page of every newspaper but it will only get a couple sentences… if that.

  11. At least one of the women who accused him was obviously working for the CIA and the other seemed like an innocents victim caught in a crazy CIA scheme. It was quite obvious from the start.