BREAKING! Depp scores a MASSIVE PUBLIC WIN, despite Heard’s BEST EFFORT!

BREAKING! Depp scores a MASSIVE PUBLIC WIN, despite Heard’s BEST EFFORT!

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  1. “According to the PROVEN DATA” that’s a phrase the US and UK media don’t know at all. Good to hear that somewhere in the world there is still ethic and justice

  2. I’m so happy that someone had the stones to say what everyone else knew to be true.. “Evidence to hand”!! I call it justice and screw the asspress! If these people see this then how can they ignore us now!! The evidence always pointed to her not him! Well done JD and we’ll earned! X?

  3. I complained to the BBC about their coverage about JD. They made allegations sound like facts. I was fuming saying that JD has NO criminal offences of any sort. The court case so biased because of all the connections to AH, the judge’s son working for Talk Radio (Rupert Murdoch owns) where Dan Wootton used to work. The judge’s wife eating dinner with AH’s team. Did the BBC state those facts? Er NO. I don’t trust mainstream media specially linked to Rupert Murdoch. Thanks to you and other YouTube channels supporting JD we get to hear FACTS.

  4. This is amazing!!! They are right!!! Also I think they did a excellent job at stating the TRUTH!!! I'm so happy for JD he deserves this and he deserves to be defended!!! Take care and have fun!!! ???

  5. Are they aware the evidences shows AH, which is the woman, is actually the abuser here and not the other way around? And she's the one getting all the celebration because of her female previllege?

  6. I'm so proud of them for standing up for johnny and nominating him for this award! So proud! After everything he has gone through he deserves it! He deserves his life and name back!

  7. Karma is right around the corner. It's a sad day when people cannot do their own research to verify sources, studies or basic information. The community would rather follow mob mentality than use their own brains to make decisions that effect anyone or everyone. No wonder the world is in the state it's in. Appreciate you TUG! Keep bringing us useful informative information that's more logical than mainstream media.

  8. So the rights and wrongs, who did what and when of the nameless person and JD aside, as it seems there is more to come to light potentially. They are saying people who have a history of abusing women are terrible (which I agree with), why then are they not calling on the nameless person to be treated the same, as they were arrested for abusing a woman, their domestic partner at the time (as reported).

  9. I would give a standing ovation to this really I would do. and heck I really did. I am a female and I support this choices. Sadly over past couple of decades people have claimed there is toxic masculinity … but there is such a thing as toxic feminist's . And over the past couple of decades like I said it has become more and more apparent that those whom try to claim its feminist's etc or in the nature of them but really there so much worse than most other toxicity's. Because essentially what they have been doing is systematically destroying the credibility and believability of women. I might be female but feminists more often than than not sadly disgust me and make things harder for females, they make the rest of us get painted in the same light as them, and we are not many of us are reasonable understanding and compassionate people. I hope this wakes them up to what they are doing, because them and those that often proclaim SJW`S often are making trouble where there is no wrong doing done. My hope is for future where true equality exists , not just restricted hallow double standard of race or gender but true equality.

  10. BBC should be more concerned about people canceling their subscriptions to them. Seriously these nutters actually think being canceled on social media means a real person stops living.

  11. Thank you, Tug. I think the Spanish board made it very clear that they believe AH to be the abuser. Unfortunately, not enough of the press are waking up & smelling the coffee. I don’t know if they feel it’s too late to back down & fear looking foolish, but they’re going to look very, very stupid when all the truth comes out. ALL the truth, not AH’s proof, which we know to have been bought & paid for, or why are Whitney’s texts, calls & other communications being held back. Other “friends” of AH seem to be backing away from the whole mess. The film in the lift the other day was utterly heartbreaking, I hope they got to the sheets before they were laundered, I’m pretty sure that it’s possible to extract dna from faeces, so we’ll hope to get the truth of that aired, pun intended. The “evidence” since all this blew up from the op Ed is going to require a team of trucks to get it all to Virginia. I just wish those who leapt to AH s defence when she put on her “girl abused” face would sit down for a while & work out what they should be saying, not blunder blindly in the same lane that chose in the first place, too much evidence has come to light, & bad or untruthful evidence shown to be a pile of shit for them to blindly lie, undermine, chat bullshit, daily. If they think this stance is going to win them journalism awards, they surely are deluded.

  12. It pisses me off what has been done to, & is still being done, to Johnny. As a 90s teenager, I (along with millions of others) adored the man. Johnny was a movie star on a completely different level to many other actors. The way he fully immersed himself into whatever character he was portraying was an amazing talent other so called ‘star power-houses’ only wish they could pull off, along with his ‘IDGAF’ sexiness that drove us teenage gal fans crazy!?

    It’s psychopathic the way Amber schemed & connived to smear Johnny’s rep & destroy his career, his life. That delusional, Toxic Turd thinks she is more powerful than Depp, has more Hollywood currency saved up to force people to get rid of Depp…. lol, I think she’s only now realising that any Hollywood currency she did have, has been used up way too early, & anyway, Depp has been playing the game a lot longer than her, & too bad for the Turd Burger that he is only JUST getting started on teaching her the biggest load of karmic lessons she will ever get thrown at her.

  13. She is narcissistic. Egotistic. Liar. Greedy. Jealous of Johnny. & can NEVER TAKE ACCOUNTABILITY. Icant get over the fact that the timing of her baby is very strange .. Why when ur in the middle of filming!? And why in the middle of a huge trial.. Also when the producer was getting major backlash the next day she poated the pic if her and her baby?! What for sympathy? In her intensions she used that pic for herself and sympathy. Timing is everything and it just does not sit right with me and a lot of others.. If ur truly for the babies well being why not WAIT till after the filming and trial!?

  14. Seems like the media has encountered something they've rarely encountered, and never understood: people with principles.

    Importantly, the festival heads seem to know what they're doing. That means that they've considered the blowback, decided that their and the festival's principles are worth the cost, and ensured that their position and backing will hold up under the pressure.

  15. You see, they totally ducked up by presenting themselves as advocates for DV, SA, and v*ctims rights because they cannot effectively do so if they will not acknowledge that men can be v*ctims too. You can't say you represent something if you're selective about who you advocate for. If you want justice for v*ctims you cannot attack someone who has been the target of a pathological abuser for years just because the ab*ser has the same gender as the people you're always "defending" so she must actually be the v*ctim. They have deluded themselves, they never cared about real v*ctims, maybe they could've at the start, but now they just want to be able to add WOMEN'S RIGHTS ADVOCATE to their bio and post about all the stuff they do to "help" women. How about they actually do what they set out to do and drop the Turd and stand up for Johnny, the *v*ctim*. Gender should never come into play when it comes down to the cold hard truth. If one person is the ab*ser then the other is the victim. It doesn't matter who has what in their pants. If someone has hurt another person, they are guilty. Woman, man, alien. Doesn't matter. There should be consequences.

  16. It's getting to be too much like walking on broken glass anymore. Feminists can take a nose dive into oblivion for all I care !. Nothing but propped up causes they could really care less about, to their endless list of complaints against men.

  17. That's really great of them to wholeheartedly throw their support behind him in such visible & vocal way. It's about time for the tide to turn in his favor. Also overdue is a retraction a apology from Esquire. I'm still in shock, extremely disturbed & feel sad & terribly worried for that baby she's suddenly appeared with & treats more like an accessory.

  18. Adding to this, not only did he not get arrested or charged for DV, but a detective for the accuser tried to dig up dirt on him, couldn't find any, but found a crap ton of compost for Amber heard herself. let's also not forget, the accuser herself has in fact been arrested for her DV of her then wife (Pre Depp). Think about the hypocrisy in motion needed, to make her the face of DV victimhood. Depp deserves this award, she deserves the same exact fate she tried to give him

  19. To all those people who adhere to the attitude that it is only women who suffer and need protection from DV or other violence open your eyes and ears! Men too suffer and say nothing far more often than women…my son was such a victim! Do not make the mistake of the assumption that men hold the power, when it comes to DV they are less likely to be heard, helped, believed and will loose parental rights far more often than a female sufferer of DV. Like battered women men too become targets. Three women between them almost destroyed my son with their lies and manipulation, he had a breakdown. So to all those females who persist in the lie…look and listen.

  20. Two of the most famous actors in Spain, Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem, have openly backed Johnny. In Spain we have presumption of innocence and trial by media is not acceptable.

  21. i love that you gave me the quick and dirty at the beginning so if i only have a few minutes between tasks i can get the info and then come back and get the full benefit of all your time and research.

  22. JD is the pioneer for men who are victims of abuse seeking justice and he deserves all the respect and support the public can give! It seems the powers that be will be resistant to