BREAKING: Depp SUES, claims he was HACKED! The target – his KIDS!


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  1. I think the tabloids has gone too far for a long time now, one would think princess Dianas death would have made changes and opened peoples eyes. I feel so horrified that evidentally Kobe Bryants wife found out of her husband and daughters passing via TMZ, this is not Ok. There are certainly celebrities we all like, love, admire, and are fascinated with (and yes they chose their professions and the things that go with it) but there are points where it goes way too far. Medical information is private and should be. And the children of the famous did not sign up for this attention. Now of course I am curious too, but I will say I don't get any info via TMZ as they crossed a line. I appreciate that people remain respectful.

  2. These people have some nerve. These tabloids are overstepping their boundaries, it is not the business of the public to know all of this. Imagine them wondering which of their close circle was feeding tabloids their private family struggles, and it have possibly effected personal relationships, only to find out that these assholes had the nerve to access your phones to monitor you for profit. Boundries need to be set.

  3. Depp isn’t innocent, his support for the West Memphis child killers and other satanic crap is highly questionable.

  4. That is so invasive espically to a man that is generous with reaching out to satisfy the adoring fans. He is voluntarily personal with them he appreciates them. But its not the fans directly, its the bottom feeders who steal his garbage and then write stories about his personal stolen business and put it in a Trash paper. Do not buy them. If you truely care about him, DO NOT BUY THEM. None of them.

  5. 1996-2010? No matter how good his proofs, it's more than probable the statute of limitations has expired, too long between the crime and the lawsuit.

  6. I think he does go down that rabbit hole…lol…thank god…….this is totally low down as well as frightening. I hear that Johnnys fans are having thier privacy breached as well. I think she has something on Elon also….he looked injured ….but he is backing her…..$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$