BREAKING DOJ Has DROPPED Michael Flynn’s Case, FBI acted Improperly DOJ Concludes

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  1. I wonder how much of this is butterfly effects from Obama reading that I'm famous tweet from Trump on one of those shitty late night 'comedy' shows.
    "At least I will down in history as a president" didn't age well for Obama.

  2. I mean, glad Flynn's vindicated but I'm pretty sure he's still on his own. After everything he lost, after everything that happened, despite the fact the MORONS in the FBI destroyed this man's life. He won't see a penny restored to his name. Ain't that America.

  3. Everyone should read "You have the right to remain innocent" James Duane …. Tim using the breakfast example ….is NOT a stretch as a man was convicted of murdering his wife because he gave the wrong meal he ate at a restaurant. He was later acquitted (several years later) by DNA evidence.

  4. If an unscrupulous system comes after you and you have family you have to choose between your honor and them. Maybe some of the people frothing at the mouth over Flynn being cleared after pleading guilty twice will learn that for themselves.

  5. The simple way to explain why admitting guilt is not evidence is that if you go to the police and say you killed someone, they can't lock you up, they need actual physical proof. For example, if there really was a murder, you could be covering for someone.

  6. Finally! Justice for Flynn. Now let's see them go after Schiff. How many times did we hear him say he had seen evidence? How many times did he say there was a whistle blower? Was crooked Schiff posing as the whistle blower?

  7. Q S A ! , Q S A !

    Q: "Renegade" had a part in the play. A bad actor always is noticed.

    The Q plan uses the military precision of the Q team at the direction of Q+ the POTUS.

    QAnon, Q, Q+, and
    WWG1WGA is winning because it has been exactly predicted in drops by Q since 2017.

  8. and the left wing media is trying to say that this is "injustice" and corruption got him off the hook. When in fact, it was corruption that started this whole thing from the FBI and the guy the FBI reports too….Obama.

  9. Hey Tim… cited TechnoFog from Twitter. TechnoFog is CONSTANTLY cited by the Q on their main post site. That means that YOU are spreading, in your own words, "non-credible" information in a "conspiracy trap." Except that TecnoFog doesn't care is Q does this. Many, many posters like TF know that they are on Q's site. Q spreads tons of GOOD informer sites, every day. Q is NOT some "trap." They are EDUCATING the public about massive crime and deception and LIES. You better get educated about Q and stop dismissing them.

  10. John Solomon and Sarah Carter are our finest Jounalists of our time. Kimberly Strosell and Molly Hemingway as well. They have been spot on in their reporting. John's book is step by step of what he and Sarah worked on Russia, intelligence agencies, former administration. Incredible work. John had FBI agents sitting in front of his house at midnight to tell him he was on the right track.

  11. Tim I am reading Dante Alegerrhi… I have something I stumbled across that I WANT YOU TO HEAR… "the hottest places in hell are reserved for those who in times of great moral uncertainty maintain neutrality."

  12. A politically weaponised FBI. To the left its the greatest thing, it will protect our democracy. To everyone else its the political police and our worst nightmare.

  13. …. And why aren't charges flying? They could threaten their family to get a guilty plea.. I hear they are good at that. BTW, ACE hardware has ropes on sale.

  14. When FBI breaks law its acting improperly…..when we act improperly its called breaking the law…..what the hell with the double standard again…..