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Written by Dr. Steve Turley

Are we seeing the revitalization of Christian civilization?For decades, the world has been dominated by a process known as globalization, a secularizing economic and political system that hollows out and erodes a culture’s traditions, customs, and religions, all the while conditioning populations to rely on the expertise of a tiny class of technocrats for every aspect of their social and economic lives.Until now.All over the world, there’s been a massive blowback against the anti-cultural processes of globalization and its secular aristocracy. And it’s just the beginning.I believe that the secular world is at its brink, and a new conservative age is rising.Join me each week as we examine these worldwide trends, discover answers to today’s toughest challenges, and together learn to live in the present in light of even better things to come.This is Turley Talks.


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  1. I have always loved your positivity Dr. Steve, but what would lead ANY of us to believe that this next election will be legitimate? Virtually NOTHING has been done to repair the broken system. Few states have enacted any REAL election reforms that have the strength and TEETH to stop the cheating. Does anyone REALLY believe that these monsters will just give up power based on an election, even IF we manage to win in spite of the odds stacked against us??? I think we are being naïve… a condition that seems to plague us as a party. We have not yet seen what these people/demons are REALLY capable of, but I think we are about to.

  2. Dr this is a complete violation of the Constitution . You and all free people should be attacking everyday :the Supremes , our Senators ,and our house Representatives! America is lost our rights are done !!! What are we doing -Nothing ! Elections are fixed.

  3. I have no doubt that there will be a red wave but my enthusiasm is tempered with a whole lot of caution. I haven’t forgotten that the Republicans held the White House, the House of Representatives, and the Senate from 2016 to 2018 and they did absolutely nothing except fight Donald Trump.

  4. The Democrats are falling in the footsteps of the Nazi Germany's did blame other people for what the you are doing ! Accuse other people of what you are doing ! And get rid of anybody that is against your socialist ideas that exactly what the Germans did !
    And other dictators and Socialist Governments have done around the world killing millions of their own people !
    Think about that !

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