BREAKING: Elizabeth Holmes GUILTY of Fraud | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar cover the verdict in the Elizabeth Holmes trial that saw the disgraced Silicon Valley billionaire charged with multiple counts of wire fraud by the jury

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  1. she's no different than every other tech start-up executive. that whole culture is based on lying your ass off every second of the day in the name of chasing the huge piles of money that have been accumulated over the past 30 years from tax breaks

  2. I buy a subscription to wsj because I read that book. My guess is that since they used the Siemens machines to get most results they weren't hurting the paitents in the minds of the jury.

  3. Sounds like her and Fauci are on the same team. Peoples lives have been destroyed from covid swabbing and treatment that didn't work as stated. Yet everyone like Krystal clings to every world out of his mouth.

  4. Important point: White collar prisons are worlds different from the prisons pot "dealers" and the middle/working class go to. Even child offenders get put in harsher environments than what she'll get.

  5. Rich White college elite liberals were so desperate to virtue signal their wokeness to everyone they were easily conned by her. I guarantee it will happen again.

  6. The reason you have to be somewhat of at least a little bit concerned with rich people defrauding the system, is because the regular people, the little people have to pick up the tab. Stealing from a company or organization hurts all the law-abiding citizens. Shoplifters cause the company's insurance company to have to file claims, which ultimately impact the price of goods that we have to pay for. So in a sense, people who steal hurt the little people while the rich and the powerful, and the crooked get away with it.

  7. She should have been found not guilty. I could tell her technology was BS within 5 minutes of hearing her laboratory testing idea. What happened to "BUYER BEWARE"? Her plan was transparently UNDOABLE, a JOKE in fact, yet idiots threw millions at the idea? HUH? Screw those idiots. Not guilty!

  8. It's amazing how she blatantly played the system. From her black suits to her voice. It was ALL marketing. There was absolutely nothing real. And it worked.

  9. Oh so as a rich elite she robbed the rich elites so they punished her, if she would have only hurt the poor it would be a slap of the wrist followed by a government handout to offset the inconvenience of the court time.

  10. I figured from the start that she would get about 6 years. Had it been inside trading of rich people, or a Ponzi scheme againt rich people, she might have served some serious time. Also, for the people so obsessed about her voice, it's the least important part of anything involving her. 95% of the women you see on your local news (please check this out, and don't take my word for it), change their voices to sound deeper, and more like a mans voice. It's the industry standard. Krystal Ball not doing that is to her credit. Here's someone doing it for the same reasons (to further her career), and for some reason people have not noticed this as a thing many women in business do. With that said, she should spent quite a bit of time in prison for both the financial scams, as well as any potential health issues to others she caused.

  11. Saagar and Krystal should watch the HBO documentary on this case. The real funny thing is Holmes used a Clinton lawyer to threaten the I believe Wall Street journal and the whistleblower to try and bury the story that broke this scam

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