BREAKING: Elon Buys Twitter – My Reaction

Elon Musk has clinched a deal to buy Twitter for $44 billion – but what are the many protestations from the media REALLY about?
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. I've always been puzzled by the Twitter-Hate thing. I was under the impression that the way Twitter worked was that you found someone you were interested in hearing more from and then Followed them so you got to see what they say in the future. So, if I understood it correctly, if you DON'T want to hear from someone, you don't follow them, and you don't hear what they have to say in the first place.. It's almost as if the Twitter-Haters go looking for someone to Hate on and that expressing their Hatred is EXACTLY what they're looking for..

  2. One part of me tells me that he has good intentions and is for free speech, but the other part of me tells me that, he's just a really smart rich dude who's just another puppet of the super elites, and using him to blind side the people, and using his tech knowledge to really turn up the censorship but do it in a way that people won't notice… Tick rock, guess time will tell

  3. Incredibly unbiased honest approach to the world just now and some of the many angles on the Twitter take over bravo for simplifying such a complex discussion. I am totally with you regard the way opinions have narrowed in the world in recent times and there is only right and wrong there is no longer live and let live. The ability for everyone to have a voice via the internet has amplified so many ideas and shown how many people live differently from the norm but instead of embracing this we seem to have become polar in our views.

  4. I dont like the alignment of 'freedom of speech' with platforms.

    Freedom of speech is: the man on the ground is allowed to say whatever he wants out loud amongst the crowd, to express his thoughts and opinions to those who cba listening to him.

    Freedom of speech is not: that man with his opinions is entitled to his moment on a (sponsored and privately owned) stage, to say what HE thinks to the masses through someone elses paid-for microphone, despite him not having any position of known kudos or reputability.

    The sooner we as a society come to terms with the idea that your 'voice' on the internet is not 'your voice', and that that 'speech' is not free when it is being touted onto a profit-driven, privately owned data harvesting platform, the sooner we can get back on with the idea of real-world community.

    (Or web3).

  5. I never agreed with Twitters censorship I get it some people are fragile and offended very easily but there's a simple solution block button it's there for a reason use it

  6. People generally want changes, either back to what used to be or dismantle the current structure. This, as the globe is put under too much pressure (covid, lockdowns, iron fist legislations, war, woke agenda, etc…), it's simply too much to handle at once. Whether you are willing or not, get spoon-fed the narrative from political operatives. Take the CNN / FOX battle; all you hear is "the Republicans ruining our….", "the Democrats running our…."
    How about reporting on actual news? That's why Elon buying Twitter is essential to unspool, to be frank, the corrupted minds the mainstream media has created.

  7. Elon Musk buying Twitter is the least of the World's worries. Looks like we are a world out of control with no moral compass and heading for Global Recession and World Destruction.

  8. I have no idea what is in it for him, I will happily leave the platform if nastiness and hate speech is allowed to increase freely on the platform. I think the EU have already said he will have to abide by regulations. I have no issue if people wish to disagree with me but that does not give them the right make some of the comments that are banded about on twitter towards women in particular.

  9. Elon Musk getting a controlling share in Twitter is a step in the right direction because he plans to open-source the algorithm for moderation. This means that he is leveling the playing field, by automating decision making with software than everyone can scrutinize, and potentially democratically control. Furthermore, each decision will accessible to the negatively affected party along with the evidence that contributed toward any ban etc.
    I believe this will not be an easy task though as A.I. driven bot farms can hammer this system to search for weaknesses which do not get moderated – surviving Tweats could then be used by bad actors. Overtly ironic praise or backhanded compliments spring to mind but we may see a shift in how language is used to portray messages on Twitter and beyond.

  10. Whilst left and right squabble over trans-gender,
    Whilst left and right squabble over elon is for freedom of speech,
    He is busy working away on trans-human.


    Just yesterday .. 26 April 2022
    just the day after elon 'buys' twitter
    Forbes posted an article –

    'Under Musk, Twitter – Neuralink is a natural pairing.'

    They tell you in advance,
    And you have to say NO.
    A Big Fat NO.

  11. If anyone thinks one exceedingly rich man controlling all of twitter is a good idea they are out of their mind.

    This man pays almost no tax so has spare $21bn to buy twitter and control discourse. He's just a modern william randolph hearst wanting to control information to suit his own needs.

    Or maybe he means what he says and it will be the savior of free speech… only time will tell.

  12. It seems to me one side is saying free speech is already there, as long as it goes along with whatever. If it doesn't agree with any minute detail, then you don't get a say in anything. Outrage seems to be amplified and encouraged currently, very much like if it bleeds it leads. Unfortunately, we have really lazy "journalists" who think we need articles written, and to be taken seriously, about Twitter threads. Right now, it seems that most forms of social media are incredibly toxic, calls for banning because someone doesn't agree with something unless they bend the knee is toxic AF. We are all living in very sheltered bubbles, the world outside of our bubbles is chaotic, make peace with that. Protect the speech of those who you don't agree with, it'll protect yours, shutting the voices down that you disagree with, and yours can be next. The loveliness of ever shifting goalposts.

  13. I have positive "hopes" for Twitter now, when I had NONE before! I don't know what he plans to do, overall, but at least he is mightily shaking the crappy status quo!

  14. Whats that necklace? Also, theres a very popular medium saying Elon has kind of walked into a trap because Twitter has problems that they wanted to get out of anyway and now Elon will be blamed for those issues also he really doesn't care about the platform and free speech he mostly wants to make a point that billionaires should not be monopolizing social media platforms as news media outlets! Hes bringing the issue to the forefront. But Twitter is in decline because it needs to catch up with the times and technology and because of will allow another better more interactive platform to flourish and basically Elon was set up! Ck him out on YouTube..its Antphrodite..hes super accurate.

  15. Elon Musk has for years been ingratiating himself with the Chinese government, will this have an influence on Twitter's freedom of speech? . . . Of course it will.

  16. "911 was an inside job." I always told myself I would only say that when you asked you're listening and viewing audience what it is they wanted to talk about. It seems like you stopped asking that, so now I'm just going to tell you. Also I think it's relevant. Don't you?

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