BREAKING: Elon Musk REVEALS Secret “Twitter Files” On Hunter Biden’s Laptop

Ryan and Emily discuss Elon Musk and journalist Matt Taibbi releasing late night secret Twitter communications revolving the censoring of the Hunter Biden laptop story.

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  1. We shouldn't have to "hack" politicians' e-mails. Without the public having all the relevant information it is impossible to make informed decisions and consent, requirements for democracy (we're hardly a republic, much less a democracy). All their correspondence and other communications should be publicly available. I don't give a damn who may have hacked the Podesta e-mails or any of the rest of it. If anything they should be rewarded.

  2. If this was such a big reveal, why did he release this over a weekend?

    It does seem like there was some temporary bad behavior, but considering the facts that played out in the prior election, it's not completely crazy the actions that were taken.

    I'm smelling a nothing burger

  3. Really disappointed by this case coverage, makes me loose a lot of confidence in Brrakibg Points as an organization. This is a Huge story. It's the most clear and uncontraveetatble systematic subversion of the constitution by the the government. It's the greatest threat to democracy we face today. Dens and Reps involved should be sued, impeached, barred from office. Anything less would be dishonest coorportism bullshit.

  4. What a fool the Grim Reaper is. I'm surprised he doesn't do the kill the messager deal. Rudy and his group were all surveilled and they knew the story was coming out. Absolutist alright. The story is about Joe Biden selling ou the USA. Not porn you fools

  5. 🙄 Ryan man you stay down playing shit… “that’s a thing that Russia does” what’s up with you? Your bias’s are too strong for me. Either tone it down or bounce and Im not some rando angry dude either I’ve been subscribed I enjoy your topics but good god your crossing the line of dishonest. And don’t think I don’t notice how you talk over and slick intimidate Emily. They got caught! Yea every one does dirty shit but you can’t claim to be honest when you justify your sides bullshit. You look like an idiot read the comments….

  6. God I hate these two but I need the news so I will suffer. Never mind reading the comments about how Ryan ignored the fbi part and just his voice I am out Breaking points sucks so hard now

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