Breaking: Eurozone Inflation Explodes Higher

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  1. It's intentional. UN Agenda 2030 and the World Economic Forum's Great Reset plan. It's all on their websites. They are deliberately destroying the fiat currency system to bring in programmable digital currency for all.

  2. Diesel did not get up priced in Gold or Silver…. only in USD!!!! Means the USD is the problem not the Diesel… USD is massively devaluating… PEOPLE ARE EVIL TO THE MOON… Rafi Farber.

  3. Why is any American upset about the invasion of Ukraine? The US has invaded and destroyed multiple countries and is now occupying a large part of Syria and stealing their oil. No one ever said the US should be sanctioned. Plus if Biden would have compromised with Russia (no NATO in Ukraine and enforce the Minsk Accords) there would have been no invasion.

  4. George, bear in mind that this is to defend the poor innocent people of the Ukraine. When a disgusting person like Putin kills innocent women and children every day in Ukraine, you must respond, you must. You cannot keep on purchasing his oil while he commits genocide, the EU is doing the most righteous, moral and ethical thing with the sanctions. You must not allow genocide in Ukraine to happen, USA and EU are totally right to sanction the evil russia as much as possible. Remember this guys, the countries who are not protecting Ukraine (for example India or China) are evil too, how can those people support russia in this evil act is absolutely unbelievable

  5. Here in Europe we will have such a shortage of energy that they'll introduce carbon credits without any issues. We can consume just a little bit to survive for free, the rest we will have to pay for at an expensive price.

  6. King Chuck said they will be spending trillions to bring in their vision which seems to be slowly happening.

    "The scale and scope of the threat we face call for a global systems level solution, based on radically transforming our current fossil-fuel-based economy, to one that is genuinely renewable and sustainable. …………….We need a vast military-style campaign to marshal the strength of the global private sector…………….Spending trillions" King Chuck

  7. Dude… you are the one behind the curve FGS. When will you finally stop listening to what they blab about and start paying attention to what they are doing? THEY ARE DOING THIS ON PURPOSE, they are not stupid, we are stupid. They did it hundreds of times all throughout history and still you don’t get it. They are provoking a revolution (go brush up on Europe 1850.- 1918) by instigating inflation and then war. They are laughing at us while playin dumb, it’s called EVIL.

  8. They obviously know what they are doing. Remember, the rich got staggeringly richer during the pandemic, while working middle class got devastated. Look how they are destroying their farmers, for example. We know they will continue, the only question is how best for the average working Joe to prepare? Thanks George.

  9. IMO the EU can't really reverse course on their sanctions even if they wanted to. Firstly they've demonstrated to the Russians that they're bad faith trading partners, and if I were the Russians I'd definitely play hardball with any further contracts. Secondly they'd be destroying all the "good money thrown after bad" in attempting to remediate their supply deficiencies, like future LNG contracts with Qatar. Furthermore there are too many politicrats who, isolated from the consequences of their decisions, see this as a "crisis that shouldn't go to waste" rather than the consequences of their own bad policy, and will continue to try to ramrod the greenification / population reduction ideals through regardless of the costs.

  10. George, with all do respect I’d be shocked if your account has grown since you’ve put josh in the videos. It gives a soft vibe, when you’re delivering intense economic news. I watched your channel daily until you added him. Your vibe is special, and its hard to have a youngling come on and match it day in and day out.

  11. Who could have foreseen that refusing inexpensive fuel from Russia and massive money printing could lead to inflation? So odd… Honestly, I'm with the "inflation makes me rich" crowd. I have loans on assets that are increasing in value because of inflation but the loan stays the same. I'm all about more inflation.

  12. lifiting rates won't do anything to fix inflation. Lifting rates will blow up italian debt markets. Inflation is all structural and lack of Capex driven, on top of being way behind the curve on everything. I live in Italy and I can tell you prices are a joke. 30 years no wages growth at all George! I think Mexico is like the only place that has no wages growth like Italy

  13. It’s all part of the PLAN!!! Destroy the middle class, destroy life as we know it. Food crisis, energy crisis, inflation, job losses………control the people, control the world! WTF. WEF

  14. You really get to see where all the stupid people ended up LOL
    They don't know how to do basic thinking for themselves, they can't read, they can't count. They can bullshit their way of a rock and a hard place, but I'll be damned if I ever see a politician actually fixing *anything*. They are talking heads, no more no less.

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