BREAKING: Facebook’s SECRET BLACKLIST of 4000 ‘dangerous’ people and organizations LEAKED

Ryan Grim and Emily Jashinsky break down the leaked, secret blacklist of groups and individuals Facebook currently censors on its platform.

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  1. No, silicon valley was not caught off guard. For a long time they have been fighting a private war with those who would shine a light on them – they know what they are doing is questionable at best but don't want anybody asking questions. Even now they are spinning these questions back into generic chit-chat. If they are in the sunlight today it is a strategic move for them – it is not a blunder. They probably have their "profitable" response in place and will get approval – implement some new "self imposed standard" that simultaneously repaints them as good boys and puts up the cost of business to all the others who might try to compete with them.

  2. why isn’t facebooks illegalities aired everyday all day? facebooks practices are immoral. what must be done here? last checked hacking multiple databases is a federal charge.

  3. Common carrier is exactly correct. This a apply the laws that exist. You don’t need new laws just apply the existing laws. It’s not rocket science and he stole the idea for Christ sakes.

  4. The more news like this the more people will stop using Fakebook. That's how the free market works. Unfortunately people today want more and more gov't intervention/control.

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