BREAKING: Hunter Biden Under Investigation For China Business Dealings!

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  1. There are 9 million Muslims that have been herded into the top right part of China and pretty much ring fenced. No media is allowed into that province. They are not Pakistani which is the only Muslim country I know of in that part of the world so where did they come from? Hunter was CEO of a few companies, one in Ukraine, one in Saudi ( remember all the Princes being culled a few years ago?) and CEO of the mentioned Chinese investment firm. The FBI have been conducting raids on shipping containers and finding people being trafficked for quite a few months now. The allegations made at the start of the year were that he has been facilitating the trafficking of war victims and POW's from the mid east to China via a certain shipping company owned by Soros I think? If its true not even Daddy will be able to save his ass.

  2. the last of the real news… what issues Jimmy covers he gives the side of an investigator and with all his findings you gotta wonder why folks are still wearing masks and who and what actually voted for Biden which proves the election was a sham…. media is not what runs the show media is the show and what is a show? LIES! Government does run the show of lies…

  3. Hey, Jimmy when are you going to cover the massive election fraud case (against Biden) that is currently exploding on YouTube and social media? Despite the mainstream media trying to ignore it, there have been 3 to 4 hour long hearings in the swing states concerning this, with now over a thousand witnesses and signed affidavit s detailing high-level democrat voter fraud for Biden. I am surprised you haven't at least mentioned this.

  4. 3000 people died today of COVID19 and we worry about a rich kid cheating on taxes. Jeeeeeeeeezuz Every one of these lying sons of bitches in the One Party is neck deep in corruption. First solve the virus problem then drain the everglades that is politics today.

  5. With Facebook & Twitter actively and intentionally suppressing legitimate news …
    Doesn’t that make them complicit … and accessories if not now “accomplices” to crimes ?

    Not to mention that Kkkopmala Harris’ husband is a lawyer working for a CCP Front Corporation.

  6. Ron Paul as been consistent and vocal on the matters fo decades and is a raving Capitalist. Why are you guys so dishonest by equating huge governmental power, interfwrence and massive lobbying with free markets and private property?

  7. 'No matter how … many times [Hunter] gets investigated or how much corruption he's involved in, Joe Biden could not be more proud of what Hunter does.' Maybe the one fun thing about the next 4 years will be anticipating Hunter doing something outrageous that even his father will disapprove of…

  8. Bo probably was to chicken to go thru with the same level of corruption as his dad and brother. What would biden do to Bo if Bo wanted to talk to the press about it.. Hunter married his widow.

  9. The breathtaking arrogance of the Biden family is vomit inducing. I don't even know where to begin, but here goes. Firstly, it isn't a coincidence that this is playing out after the election. The establishment media didn't just mislead the public. Instead, they COLLUDED with their dem party allies, and decided that they were going to use their lapdog, Adam Schiff, to muddy the waters by claiming with (zero proof) that the story was Russian disinformation. After that, they simply ignored the story, even though Biden's campaign never once said the laptop and emails weren't Hunter Bidens. Dont let them tell you this is only about Hunter. Joe Biden has lied numerous times on video that he never spoke to Hunter about these business dealings, and said he didn't even now about them. This is what's relevant. There is proof on that laptop in the emails that Joe was involved, and may have profited handsomely from these deals. Even if they can't prove that, he still lied about being uninvolved with Hunter's dealings. If he doesn't come clean and persists with his lies after he takes office, that is grounds for impeachment. After all, "nobody is above the law," as we have heard repeatedly over the past few years from the dems and their media allies. You would think this story is something that an honest press corps would investigate with every resource they have, but because the story would help Trump, they ignored it. Its the same thing with the story about the covid vaccine. Trump said it would be ready before 2021, due to operation warp speed, and they trashed him as a liar. Even if it would cost lives, they were never going to give Trump his vaccine victory before the election.

  10. Even CNN is "investigating" this, so I see Biden getting inaugirated and shortly followed being impeached AND WHO WILL TAKE HIS SEAT KAMALA … what do we call this a soft coupe d'état ???