BREAKING: Inflation Hits 40 YEAR HIGH, Biden Blames Putin | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar break the news that dropped during this segment of the inflation statistics for March of this year and they analyze the response from the Biden administration to the price surge

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Dr. Annelle Sheline:

Written by Breaking Points


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  1. Powell (Fed), PPP loan fraud, unchecked monopolies, just-in-time inventory management, OPEC refusing to increase production, wall street buying up housing at 0 interest and jacking up housing costs and rent, and yes, some inflation from the stimulus payments and some from the war and climate change causing oil, fertilizer and food prices to jump is all adding to the mix.

  2. C'mon people, this segment was all fear-mongering.

    If BP actually did their homework, they would know core prices was actually .3% in March excluding food and energy vs a .5% increase last month. So core inflation actually went down, oh my!!! Gasoline prices jumped 18% last month with food at 1% and shelter at 1.5%. BP should stick to politics. Leave the economic data and analysis to those people that understand the fundamentals.

    No doubt, we have a crappy situation, but not understanding what's actually going on only serves to confuse people and make them more depressed. If you are not going to just call balls and strikes then say nothing at all…

    Finally, if this report was all gloom and doom, why did the market initially rally this morning!! Sheesh!!

  3. 🤔 everyone love capitalism, until the swelling starts to hurt.
    Prices on goods and services stay high because we continue to pay for them. There's a lot of things we need, but they're more things we buy that we don't need.

  4. Inflation will also allow a lot of Americans to effectively reduce their debt burden. This is great for millenials and new home owners. It's bad for rent seekers and investors. So who really stands to benefit from low inflation?

  5. Americans have a really short memory, inflation and gas prices were out of control before the Ukraine invasion it's just gotten slightly worse the past few months because of the war but cool for Biden that he now has an excuse so he can shift the blame away from himself and the Democrats spend spend spend party where it belongs….

  6. Real inflation 13 to 14% and groceries over 20%. Who does this "LITTLE RED HEADED WITCH" think she is fooling??? And her boss, the imbecile, just keeps bumbling along all the while just "SHITINGINHIZPANTZ".

  7. they have no respect to us what so ever.. during that dam Covid!! I don't know how could anyone believe those clowns!!it's hilarious all the way!! If it's not covid they point the accusations to Saudi Arabia if it's not Saudi Arabia it's Russia.. It's anything but thier own failure!!!

  8. One would have to be brained dead to believe inflation is because of Putin. Biden went from blaming everything on covid to now blaming everything on Putin. Is he really that stupid that he doesn't realize it's his own policies that put us in this mess. Or is he really that stupid that he thinks Americans are that stupid.

  9. Biden has spent 50 years I. Government pointing fingers while never seeing the other fingers pointing back at Himself. Thanks Dems. This is your handy work

  10. We on the precipice of a global depression! We can already observe economic calamities in- Turkey, Peru, and Sri Lanka, combined with social unrest, political upheaval, and food unavailability! All of this highlights the utter failure of the globalist movements, and political leadership incompetence!

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