BREAKING: It’s NOT What They Say It Is!

BREAKING: It’s NOT What They Say It Is!

This video explains what’s really going on with this weekend’s events and how it’s not who they say it is.

The conversations –

Written by WeAreChange

News is what somebody somewhere wants to suppress; all the rest is advertising. - Lord Northcliffe


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  1. "Prefect" headline shot with baby stroller and American flag hat in the background – check!

    Heartbroken 'law enforcement agent' in the foreground, pretending to be crying (and conveniently hiding face) – check!

    FBI agents always seemingly the first to respond to a LOCAL crime scene – check!

    FBI agents managing the scene, with faces fully covered – check!

  2. CRAZY TIMES 13:00 Those SSRI's are particularly tricky (seems to be a link to mass-violence) but still necessary for those that can't benefit from "talk" counseling and now depend on pills to avoid being institutionalized like they did back in the 1950's. In any case, that's another important (medication) supply chain to protect – withdrawal produces its own dangerous nightmare.

    The world is apparently going/gone mad, especially because a global 95% culling agenda is being implemented from top-down by truly evil tyrants. Sanctions alone are about to cause massive starvation, panic and hypothermia this winter in the EU and some poorer countries. Stay safe everyone – take care of you and yours!

  3. Luke. You are wrong on this.

    The MSM WILL ALWAYS try to skew public opinion that these shooters are always right wing white supremacist psychopaths.
    We MUST get ahead of the narrative and show who these people are.

    If we don't the narrative will stick, and MSM will sweep any details that show the left in a negative light under the rug and memory hole the story.
    The people that died or were injured wasn't even tallied yet so to speculate on those numbers: the body count is even more so attracting attention to the shooter in my opinion.
    We 100% MUST expose who these nuts are ACTUALLY affiliated with as fast as possible.
    Because lately, most have been from the left.

    We can mourn the dead when justice is served on this lost soul.

  4. my dude you have got to get your recording stuff under control, you're waving your hands in front of the auto-adjust brightness camera is going to make me seize out

  5. If a foreign government invaded or infiltrated our country and began to dismantle our institutions, would that not be called an act of war?
    When a war is declared, the opposing sides fight each other until one side surrenders or is destroyed. Why are we the only ones still sitting at the proverbial negotiation table?
    They demand we comply, or they will force us with violence. That scares me, because too many people still think we can "talk" our way out of this confrontation.
    They say "lay down your arms or be destroyed". They are not willing to negotiate with us. Coexistence is not an option.
    Personally, I will choose destruction over life in a gilded cage, and I will not go quietly to my grave.

  6. Anti second Amendment operations designed to herd the cattle into a give up your guns psychology. Follow the timeline of events on all this shit. This is not coincidental this is by design. Look at all the nations where the protesters are getting shot, and shot at by police while they have no arms to defend themselves and their freedom. Think maybe they have something in mind for us? I'm hoping American citizens aren't that stupid to buy this horseshit.

  7. There were 51 separate shootings in Chicago that weekend. 8 deaths and 60 injured. Yet you only hear about the one shooting that fits the narrative and political agenda. What's worse is that the police said that was an improvement over last year.

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