BREAKING: Joe Biden Picks Kamala Harris As VP Solidifying Loss

Joe Biden picks Kamala Harris as his running mate.

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Written by Niko House & The MCSC Network

This is the youtube channel of political talk and network Mi Casa Es Su Casa hosted and created by Niko House.. Niko House was the very first person to expose the truth of the rigged Democratic primary. He eventually moved on to become an analyst and political personality. Now he has expanded his political talkshow into multiple platforms covering sports, music, and life in general.


  1. 20+20 = TRUMP
    This pick clearly shows they have zero faith in beating Trump. I honestly think what they’re doing is putting up cannon fodder. How is Kamala Harris a good choice? She’s horrible, nobody likes her, didn’t make it past the primaries, Tulsi Gabbard nuked her during the debates, she called Biden racist, said she believed the women accusing him of sexual harassment, kept people in jail for political reasons, and the list goes on. Just an all around terribad choice.

  2. I am a Progressive, I always vote and I give money to Progressives.. I am proud of the gains in the congressional primaries.. ON BIDEN, I WON'T VOTE FOR HIM.. my original thought was I would vote 3rd party but with the selection of Harris it is clear to me the democrats have learned nothing.. 2 wall street big bank whores.. BECAUSE OF THAT.. I will be voting for Trump, yes I do think he is just a terrible crook and incredibly stupid.. BUT I need change.. it's why Trump got in 4 years ago..
    Joe Biden is showing us he is NOT CHANGE.. AND I AM IN A SWING STATE..

  3. What a joke . I wish they would put out some information that explains their strategy. In ct for what it is worth we had a democratic primary and I voted for somebody not even running . Sanders

  4. Choosing Kamala is not stupidity. You’re exactly right; this is planned stupidity. The DNC gets more support and more money when Republicans are in control. Democrats thrive off of being seen as the good guys and stopping actual progressives from forming their own party.

  5. Last night on CNN when they were talking about corporate-kamala, all of
    the guests they had on were a "who's who" list of neoliberal
    interventionists, throwing bouquets at each other.

  6. When one gets off YouTube, and reads, they find things out like how our rulers drove trucks into gang areas and opened the doors then left. The trucks were loaded with assault rifles. Many won't believe this, but they don't read, and don;'t research and think their truth is the truth. People, we are in trouble, you need to pay attention.

  7. Yo Niko ALOHA ?soooooo, waaaasuuuup? as I SMH, n 1der, how come, why, why, why??? R these ppl (the DNC) dive bombing their own campaign, ?? "really" Tim pool Mus be cummin in his shorts sheesh? "Lord, baby jesus, take me now" ?
    Aloha "respect"

  8. Amy Kaboomachar watched the news on the night the George Floyd story broke and she started screaming at the TV. No! No no no no no!!!!! SHIT !!!

  9. Republicans, even though they didn't want Trump to win, fairly allowed their voters to determine who won the primary in 2016. They didn't cheat their voters like the Democrats did.

  10. Right! We do not have a choice but the reason is because we live in a fascist state! Talk about the fascist state that we now live in! Don't just mention it
    and then go on to talk about electoral politics! Once you establish the fact & accept the fact that the US is a fascist state, then elections no longer matter!!

  11. yep biden just doomed himself with corrupt kamala harris, it's a trump 2020 landslide Biden afraid to take cognitive test cuz it'll reveal his Stage IV dementia/alzheimers biden's dementia/alzheimers stage IV too severe to debate Trump dems panic as biden plummets rapidly biden wants to give healthcare to illegals & non-citizens at American's expense biden has advanced dementia/alzheimers disease nina turner calls biden a bowl of shit, hahaha nina will never be bidens VP now 85,000 lefties defect to the Trump Train in the last 60 days most of the country sides with Trump on stopping the left's violent riots, Trump has skyrocketed in the polls, BLM & riots are hurting biden massively still think the rioters are peaceful? lol the left is turning more ppl into trump supporters cuz of this looks like Trump will beat Biden in November 😀 massive amounts of liberals are defecting to the Trump Train An Assassin strikes. ghislaine must have something on HRC/0bama/Biden/bernie unions turn against biden tim is voting Trump 2020 biden went too far left lol more libs are fleeing the crazy far leftists & joining the Trump Train (when you censor ppl they turn into Trump voters) Facebook gets caught doing even more things it shouldn't be doing Facebook gets caught censoring posts it shouldn't bidens poll numbers have completely crashed cuz of the left's violent protests it's really not looking good for biden

  12. My Senator Kamala Harris from California is a good pick for Joe's VP watch out hatters we are going to kick Trump and pence ass out of the white house Senator Kamala Harris hottest vice President ever

  13. If you voting for Trump just say that then I'm not a fan of Kamala or Biden but you claim to be progressive and your whole channel is just calling out Democrats nonstop they should be held to account but so should ALL politicians on both sides because the majority are horrible but how many videos bashing Trump or Pence have you made lately? Where is the beloved Tulsi Gabbard during this whole pandemic?

  14. So..Kamala Harris, descendent of slave owners from Jamaica & California's Top Cop who kept people in jail to use for cheap labor is now the Dems answer to BLM movement!? Looks like Joe ain't the only one putting the Dem into Dementia…lololol