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  1. Is there a reason we I can mot see this Tug? It keeps buffering. Okay its fine now had to click on an earlier video then this one. P.s isn't just going to try and use it on appeal when ever she decides to appeal ?

  2. Judge Azcarate's wording in this response is excellent. All points covered in an undisputable manner with all jurors being exonerated from the accusations made against them .

  3. She appeared to get but hurt when indicated she had a mental disorder, yet here she is again acting crazy and expects nobody to pick up on her crazy? Poor Johnny, I bet her barely got out alive from this succubus.

  4. What's it going to take for her? I could understand if it was just a few people who were against her..But when 95% of the world is against you…That is the time to take a good look in the mirror and say..hmmm. Maybe it's ME.

  5. Maybe NBC should think hard about airing that 30 min of stupidity. Judge Penny is a fair and patient person. bless her heart for putting up with AH and pose. Wish She could put them all in jail for obstructing justice.

  6. Shake off the amber tear off you umbrella for you are the most hated of the amber legal team. The umbrella guy how dear you tell the truth over and over again. This is great news and Umbrella Guy this why we keep coming back to hear from you. And people is it just me or dose he sound like he dose this for a living. Just saying

  7. Big media is so used to changing the minds of the public and they just cant understand why its not working anymore. Its not working anymore because no one wanted woke SJW crap and you can't be smooth and subtle being woke sneaking past people better judgement like they used to over the masses. People are sick of them quadrupling and more down on this crap.

  8. Both Johnny's and Amber's legal teams had plenty of time BEFORE and DURING the six week trial to find something objectionable about the jurors and yet both sides consented to the choice of jurors, so suddenly, Amber has a problem? I don't think so. She is just a POOR LOSER. Waaaahhhh!

  9. Even JD dying of old age won't stop this crazy train. The only way this "stops" is if she loses in the highest court in the land (and even then I don't see her shutting up) or if she dies before JD.

  10. “It was fraud! It was wrong-doing!” Next thing we’ll hear will be “The court case was stolen from me!” “It’s fake news!” Sound like anyone else we know? Ahem “Trump” cough cough… Oops, was that my outside voice?

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