BREAKING: Key Witness In Assange Case Who Recanted Testimony Is ARRESTED In Iceland

Co-host of Useful Idiots podcast and host of The Katie Halper Show, Katie Halper, reacts to the arrest of the primary witness in the case against Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.

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  1. A real journalist is the one who tells the truth, and not the one who writes and says what they will tell him. It is a pity that the truth (with evidence) is punished.This shows all of humanity on the planet that there is no justice, if there are fair judges, why are they not giving freedom to Julius Assange.

  2. I'm from the UK it is this fascist corrupt psychopath conservative government here who is keeping julian in one of the toughest prisons here for not committing any crime but tell the truth free Assange the people's hero put the right wing government's in UK and USA there they deserve it

  3. Trumped up charges against Julian😪 He stood up to Hilary & other powerful evil people, that is why he's jailed & tortured. He needs to be set free. He is a brave journalist standing up for what is right. How can they continue to jail & torture him? This is the complete opposite of justice!

  4. Julian ASSANGE is a hero he say the truth ,the truth is essential for the humanity , liberty for Julian ASSANGE 🗽🗽👁️👁️the 🌍🌎 world 🌎🔵 observed

  5. Hunter Biden was executed last Friday by hanging Admiral Crandall asked him if he want to say something before he puts that noose Hunter replied " Iam not politician ,Iam a civilian Barrak is the one who wants to tear AMERICA

  6. He revealed things that the elite didn't want known. He was safe for whistle blowers to revel the terrible things the NWO had planned. Like using the virus to take over America. They are using green to destroy America as we have known it.

  7. The amount of Corruption is to much to take. Something is going to break in this world. And it won't be pretty for any of us. We need more Not Corrupt anti Corruption people to gain power and shut down the corruptors

  8. Katie Halper wants to insult the looks of others? What does a judges looks have to do with his judgements? Donzinger is a corrupt lawyer who was bribing judges and the jury. Katie forgot to mention any of those accusations though.

  9. The hill and all of these outlets had all of this info during Trump presidency and before. Was it stunning and disturbing then? What is next finding out 2 years later, that the 2020 elections was high jacked by a single party or group of actors working in concert and in harmony with foreign governments and entities do such a treasonous thing?

  10. This revelation reveals the DARK TRUTH about US, FBI, AND CIA.

    The US is promoting the BIG LIE , and the CIA AND FBI are compelling agencies for creating and commiting serious criminal activities.

    Julian Assange is a fall guy and scape goat for FBI AND CIA'S DARK ACTIVITIES.

  11. Many Americans have been screaming for fairness for Assange for year's. If it was not for Assange, Americans never would have known about Clinton crimes. When Trump is back in power where he can correct crimes, against Assange he should be thanked, for trying to warning Americans. Drop all fake charges!

  12. Julian Assange is a cyber criminal! He stole private and Govt secrets. He deviously HACKED into restricted data. Then he "ran away" like a coward. He needs to face his crime. He could have been out of jail already…. but he keeps on running.

  13. You can trust they are trying to make you question everything until eventually we go insane. Know they mean to turn our reality and our perception of "normal" upside down, then we are easier to control bc they think we will be desperate for the govt to take control. They no longer are even hiding their duplicitous crimes! They laugh in our face. They own 90% of all media on Earth to spread their lies. I am just glad you finally are waking up to the egregious lies we are being fed about everything we seen clear back in 2016 when Trump was elected President. It would have helped if everyone would researched a story instead of just accepting their word as truth and learned, not to judge even the least of us, bc if so, you are no long journalist, but a mindlesd parrot.

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