BREAKING! Leaked Audio PROVES Biden Administration Has Been LYING About The Border!! We Are RIGHT.


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  1. I know you're joking, Trump took the whole four years blaming Obama and Hillary for all his failures and you talking about someone blaming someone !? ?

  2. The amount of covering up for Joe, the amount of BS, the lies, the sick fake stories about how great he is, and what a great job his doing – umm ? we can see him and hear him you know!? It’s so gross and disgusting, the amount of interference they run for him and his administration is truly despicable! The world is watching, and no one takes him seriously, if I didn’t know anything about him, I’d feel sorry for him – but I do know, we all know, and we’ve seen him in public let alone how he behaves behind closed doors…gross!

  3. Before Biden's regime took over we (our country) was energy independent. Biden had the pipeline shut down. Now he's begging OPEC for fuel! I really wish I could b*tch slap him. I'm talking 'mamma kitchen slap! I look at what he's done to our great country…and I have to control my urge to use bad language!! Sorry about that, y'all!!

  4. This meme is HILARIOUS. You know I'm actually keeping the last Aunt Jemima's box with her face on that I bought LOLLLL. No way i'm getting rid of it. ???

  5. The 'term in office' idea is a failure. If you are bad at running a country and the people of said country put forth a vote of no confidence in your ability, then an immediate vote should take place and the person holding office should abide by that vote. Example: You have held office for 3 months and it's apparent that you are not good at your job, the people put forth a motion to have you removed, they vote and, if successful, you are removed.

  6. I am one of those Americans struggling with the prices of goods. Last year I was so comfortable and never had to worry about having money. So far this year I have had to set tight budgets and get rid of services because I can’t even afford to purchase $100 of food AND gas. I am so angry and I’m even more nervous for the next 3 years.

  7. Nowheres near are enough people waking up. Its going to have to get much much worse to wake up more people. Some people are just a lost cause and will never wake up, they drank too much of the cool aid.