Breaking News! Judge orders DOJ to unseal redacted Trump Mar-a-Lago affidavit by Friday at noon

What do you think will come of this?

Written by Modern Renaissance Man

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  1. The Hunter laptop is fake lol , why do you think Trump and Rudy NEVER EVER use it at all , they keep saying " We can bring down the Biden crime family " but they do NOTHING , WHY because they know it's fake and if they use it , it would be illegal LMAO

  2. Why did people care about crack being talked about? I dealt with family on that stuff and it will cause parent's to neglect their children. I know this for fact because I lived it. I can't stand that stuff now. I don't care about someone smoking pot but these pain pills, crack, and etc. needs to be stopped. I don't recommend jail or prison but incentives to get clean. I figure most people don't want to be addicted; most people believe they can do drugs a few times or more and no big deal.
    I remember doctors use to hand that stuff out like candy. I was sixteen with a broken tail bone and I got three months of hydrocodone 10mg and was suppose to take three a day. I hated that medicine and around several days in I told my parents I didn't want them. I was dropping my food or drinks and had to be escorted up and down steps. I got treated like a small child. I was at a store and tried to put a buggy in it's area but I hadn't realized the biggie followed me back across the parking lot. I heard laughter from behind me and a bunch of people thought it was funny and that alerted me. I was about to try again and someone else done it.
    I ended up taking Tylenol or ibuprofen and laying around constantly. I didn't need pain pills but women have a higher tolerance for pain. I think men might need it in a similar situation like myself. My tailbone was severed entirely.

  3. It seems lots of folks are putting things together but missing the key pieces of the puzzle. I noticed most are coming from a place of that missing piece. If you folks would try to truly listen more,then the elites would be worried like never before. Think more. Listen more Don’t believe things to only support you.

  4. All judges are bought and owned by someone, and if you rebuttle that truth then you don't understand how this fradulant government works. It's not a true government in control right now it is a corporation owned and run by foreign entities.

  5. Redacted affidavits are a must since they are still investigating. Trump just wants to see who or whom provided the information. Note to Dumb@$#. Don’t steal stuff that doesn’t belong to you. The documents belong to people.

  6. And what if they do win? What are we gonna do? Why isn't anyone preparing for that? IMO they are going to cheat. Because that is the ONLY WAY they can do it. Someone needs communicate what we can do to keep them from that. Especially, the blue states. They have to know, most people aren't with the Dems right now. The only ones who are all in for this group of idiots is the young brainwashed fools that voted for him. That includes all the ones who didn't want Trump. Are you that shallow of an individual that you can't handle someone's mean tweets?
    One fact is for sure. Trump did 4 or more times the amount of different policies of any president EVER. He actually changed and improved people's lives.

  7. Yes it should have been Hillary Clinton. But the protection of the Democrat party is mafia-like. No matter what they get caught doing, it is ultimately swept under the rug. "Move along! Nothing to see here!" The Democrat motto.

  8. Democrats have always been the party of high taxes and oppressive regulations. How they get voted in is through scams and pay to play. So much of the rebublican side have slept or moved over to the left. The Tea Party was attacked by the Obama socialist Dem. party so they and the young Republicans and ex Dems moved to a newer more rightous Republican movement.

  9. I did not get a notification. There was a note from YouTube asking how satisfied i was with the notification. I know I'm a day late but just saw this.

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