BREAKING NEWS: NY Judge Orders Unvaccinated Employees Be REINSTATED with BACKPAY

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Written by Kim Iversen


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  1. Absolutely… people who said "front line workers, you're our heroes" followed by "take this experimental vaccine or we'll fire you" are not thinking for themselves or they're terrible people.

  2. I’m glad they’re getting their jobs back but this isn’t really a win. It should be taken as a warning about how much control other people have when society, for the most part, is too apathetic to fight it when the rights they’ve had their entire lives get stripped away. The damage done will never be completely undone.

  3. Oh Kim , me and many other people are crying right now , too . Thank you !! I am so grateful for this judge . My son's life has been ruined by losing all his employees and his business because of non-essential business closings and other covid crap . It's so sad and he's so good and worked so hard to do something beautiful only to lose almost everything . I love that you're crying .. don't ever feel bad for still being a human being with a heart ❤

  4. I understand the emotions as I remember the depravity with which the orders were carried out by people in general and especially those in the medical field. The feeling of helplessness and sadness for humanity is just simply so deep that I cannot put it into words. While I know the powers at large that started the madness will stop eventually, what saddens me is the behavior of ordinary folk and those in the medical field that are ready to become the wicked monsters of society just like that overnight. Good job Kim. I applaud your dedication and empathetic nature.

  5. Thank you KIM for your reaction full of sensitive feelings and anger +RAGE,,
    You are very brave to spit your anger on those sold persons.
    Bravo, chapeau since all your appearances on the screens. 🙏❤️❤️

  6. Thank The Father The Son, The Lord Jesus Holy Spirit for a Judge like that
    Pray For the People of New York The Truth and The Proof has Hit The Fan and it’s spreading faster than Ya know anything else

  7. Salem witch trials. Fear. Brainwashing. Group think. Their hearts were in the right place at the beginning ( maybe ) but after the evidence came out it was just all about pride. Too proud to admit mistakes were made.

  8. Amen! Spot on…but an apology is not enough. This was a power grab and heads should roll or this will just repeat itself. And what about those who did NOT want the jab but were coerced with little to no choice? What about those that were forced and had vaccine injury? What about the damage that was done from prolonged lockdowns and school closures well after the truth was known that vaccines don't stop or prevent infection? What about the long term and unknown consequences of a vax with little to no history or testing? Much of this was irrational and intentional…there has to be a reckoning or we will be back here again. What about it, people of principle? Stand up!

  9. I'm emotionally drained from this too, I worry about ny child Vax mandates, we already have some on the list that are controversial to me, some yes some no, I still want the right to choose based on a educated decision. We are not cattle. We are blue collar and first responders.

  10. Kim, You said children can make the choice to be mutilated by big money hospital s. Mental illnesses, like thinking ur in the wrong body, is evidence the person can't make decisions. Also being a child eliminates ability to make choices.

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