BREAKING: Occupy protesters are about to be removed from Parliament

Written by Melbourne Ground


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  1. We need the numbers constantly, ahhh shit this is getting hectic hey…I'll be 🤞🤞🤞 in Melbourne in December, will b joining you guys then !!! If they haven't banned protests by then …
    It looks like true martial law is coming. Stay strong!!! I love U for what u are doing for ALL of us 💪🙏🤗

  2. Come on everyone get down here ASAP. Stay strong stay peaceful if possible – it will go from Police to Army to CAMPS, but l still believe folks that a Higher presence of Light and Love will save us from this on- going Tryanny. Standing STRONG together is the Catalyst to PEACE! 💪🕯🙏👍✌💓

  3. AU is sold, you're being evicted now, people forgot the ANZAC and allowed a foreign occupation to put a monopoly board on it and sell it and people are still protesting under the same fake blue foreign occupation flag lol the AU flag is the red ensign under the fiat usury debt slave system you are now burdens of war, collateral, stock getting injected and given ID passport for the system digital currrency reset, lest we forget

  4. This is an acknowledgment that the peaceful and fearless protest marches are working…don't change anything when you are winning… Keep marching and keep being creative toward the city and it's infrastructure and buildings….

  5. You'd think by now the police would be tired of being used as Andrews' henchmen. Then again, you'd need to be able to think independently & question the legality of orders which is something that VicPol is incapable of.

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