BREAKING: Police try to CANCEL Freedom Ball in Sydney

New South Police have swooped to shutdown the Freedom Ball due to take place tomorrow evening. SHARE the full story:



Rebel News:

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Written by Avi Yemini

Proud Ozraeli


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  1. Bless the Aussies with courage, fight for your freedoms or you will have none. Tyranny around the world is getting worse. If the Aussies had the second amendment the government wouldn't over reach like this

  2. That venue operator has balls to front and speak the way he did. He may have backed down to Goverment but he’s upfront on why and still showing support.
    I would laugh at Aussie, but I’m afraid NZ is worse, we just don’t have the media coverage to show it

  3. If this type of police behaviour doesn't wake up the "dead to the world " that their country is in the hands of Globalist Communists what will ?The hammer and sycle flying over Parliament house ?🇦🇺🇦🇺

  4. No freedom is all lies when will you wake up. Life is not getting better. You celebrating false hope. Police business are to blame. Hold on we in the rabbit hole un v are going to be targets for elimination from society all you doing is fuelling the fire.

  5. Fook democracy.. Why you looking for something that doesn't exist? Time to step it up Australia. This fight is worth risking your liberty for, rather than handing it over to them on a platter..

  6. Copper walks into Montage to speak to manager.
    Copper, "This gathering tomorrow here is not going ahead. Cancel it.
    Manager, "Pigs arse. Piss off."
    Copper, "If you dont Ill have booze buses set up near your venue from now till whenever. Thay will kill your business.
    Further if you do not comply we can cancel you liquor license.
    Manager Ok you have yo the power to fuck me over'

  7. When the covid 19 dust has settled so to speak the Australian police and politicians need to be held to account for the PR damage and overall disrespectful way they have treated the public. If these actions are not answered to then this will be the new base level for what will follow.

  8. Unreal more division his staff's parents do not want their child to work the event (afraid). So the owner or manager is getting his hands tied because of the staff. So now everything we do is look at as a problem if not authorized in agreement. Sad world Good job showing this, needs to get out there. Avi you and your team are hero's the Aussie Cossack legend.

  9. The government has created a two tier class system, the victims and the victors. The victims are the vaxed (in the main) and the victors are the unvaxed (in the main). This same social media pressure, threatening, intimidating and harassing the Australian public, is what happened with the greenies and the libtards threatening normal citizens. Their tactics are evil and their ignorance is beyond stupidity. You should be looking to the Police Commissioner for leadership. Instead of cancel culture, the Police Commissioner should be offering public protection against troublemakers, and not cancelling people with honourable intentions. This is the weakest form of leadership I have witnessed in a long time. Police bowing down to a minority who are threatening staff and this good man, John. Police must be scared of a few minority – oh wait, just maybe that minority is a powerful (evil) influencial, minority who control politicaians and law enforcers – otherwise, it doesn't make sense – police cannot be that cowardly, and that stupid – surely. Maybe I'm jumping to conclusions, or perhaps missing something …? Oh yeah, We are not the victims, we are the victors!

  10. We need courage and conviction Australians. My hairdresser stood up. Got fined $100,000, for not being vaxed and open during lockdown. She took a barrister ($4,500) into the cop shop and 20 minutes later the charges were dropped. The argument – Hairdressing is an essential service to the needy community. Oh year – Dan Andrews has been summoned for "Misprison of Treason" ('failure to perform public duty) – summoned to appear at Myrtleford Magistrates Court (regional Victoria) on Friday morning, 17 December, as reported on YT by Jim Rech, Brian Shaw.

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