BREAKING: Rand Paul, Fauci Clash In Senate Hearing

At today’s Senate Health Committee hearing, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) grilled Dr. Anthony Fauci.

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  1. Sen. Paul don't clash with Dr. Fauci, Global Wuhan Covid-19 bioterrorism Conspiracy in 2020 was masterminded in the shadows by Federation of American Scientists (Republicans, Independents) and their Associates Worldwide. Trump and his GOP Allies covered up lied on China as the source of Covid-19 virus. China is a Victim like all other Countries Worldwide which have been affected with Covid-19 pandemic. The horrendous bioterrorist Criminals should be investigated and be brought to JUSTICE.

  2. One of the creepiest quotes Ive ever heard came from this globalist weasel Fauci. He said he wants to "rebuild the infrastructure of human existence". Patriot Paul and the MAGA Republicans need to make sure he never sees the light of day again.

  3. Fauci really does look like a possum, with his close set eyes, and his long beak. He certainly acts like a possum too. Possums are the creatures that will crawl up a dead cow's ass to eat from the inside of that out.

  4. Fauci should have to answer these questions. The entire NIH should have to answer these questions. Bottom line: the NIH shouldn't be enriching themselves to $350 million plus dollars for promoting drugs or services.

  5. I'm sorry Dr Fauci, that first video clip is damning. (unfortunately, Forbes Breaking News viewers here will not see that clip in the video above because Forbes left it out, a clip where a few years ago Fauci stated that once a person is infected by a flu virus, they are immune, and should not ever need a vaccine after they are infected. To see more of this Rand Paul grilling of Fauci, go to Dr. Suneel Dhand's channel on youtube; the following will make more sense after you watch the full video there)
    I would say to Fauci: Whether the interview question in the clip was for a situation "after a vaccine reaction" (obviously another of your red herrings to wiggle out of straight responsibility for flip-flopping on things you've said in the past), or after an actual infection (your original quoted remark in the clip made no qualifications about "reactions", I point out), immunology science in either circumstance is unequivocal, the patient is immunized by getting infected. That's the whole theory behind vaccines for people who HAVE NOT BEEN infected ….. take the vaccine to have your immune system produce antibodies to protect you from a full infection. You are a despicable political liar in a position of public authority, you should have been reacting back at those committees for not including ALL factors, before you yourself announced public health guidelines. You failed to do your job, and it doesn't hold water for you to now parse words to say it was CDC and FDA recommending and approving guidelines which you as Director of your little government group announced to the public and to health administrators around the Country. You make excuses to pass the buck, blame them not you. That's ludicrous! Sounds to me like we either have too many departments, or you failed to do your proper role of questioning those other two groups. Your continued pretending ignorance of what's happening around you to avoid responsibility is getting pretty old and thin.

    I fully support Senator Paul coming after all of you who accepted vaccine royalties, while being in a public health policy position. That is clearly conflict of interest, and you should receive the appropriate penalty.

    (I'll also support Rand Paul for VP on DeSantis's GOP ticket to unseat Biden in 2024.)

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