BREAKING! Ruth Ginsburg R.I.P. Democrats Posturing Begins!

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Edited by Koki Miyazaki

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  1. The unfortunate thing about the timing of this is I assume when the election is inevitably contested because of the mail in votes 3 of the Justices will have been picked by one of the candidates. Buckle up.

  2. She wanted to lower the age of sexual consent. She’s a piece of s**t. Trump’s judges have done well. They haven’t turned over Roe V Wade. They haven’t don’t anything Right Wing. All the bitching over nothing

  3. You have to overthrow the whole lot of this as it's not working for the people. you have to Revolt and remake the system as it will keep leaving the people behind .. you cannot reform what was designed to work for the rich and corrupt.

    Time For A Revolution !

  4. If you believe in the constitution, you would be throwing in all of your effort and support for Mitch to nominate one Judge off of Trumps list of candidates. If Joe wins, he will put up someone that is partisan!

  5. RBG is dead and Trump and McConnell will force though another Alt-right fascist justice before the election. And our children will be paying the price for decades. And Democrats as usual will do nothing to stop it

  6. Even if (R) Senators Collins, Murkowski & Romney abstain or vote against AMY BARRETT (the likely Conservative Trump SC Nominee)….BARRETT will still be CONFIRMED in SENATE
    with a 50-50 vote and VP PENCE voting for the tie breaker 51-50….This is BAD NEWS for the DEEP STATE / MARXIST DEMOCRAT COUP against Trimp going into the Election because it changes the narrative ..This is great news for President Trump and I believe this will be one of several surprises leading to an overwhelming TRUMP VICTORY on NOV 3rd….This is great news for CONSERVATIVES.. JIMMY !!!

  7. You should have seen Biden. He couldn't even speak for two minutes without a teleprompter. He will fail miserably against Trump in a debate. Prepare for the Dems to come up with some BS reason why he can't debate, my guess is; the day before the first debate, Covid 19! Sorry, I really, really want to debate, but rules are rules!

  8. She could have retired while Obama was in office. Let this be a lesson to you, boomers: working until you die at your desk will just cause chaos for those that have to replace you. Don't be selfish like RBG was.

  9. Trump should nominate the black woman he picked for a federal seat. Stephanie Dawkins Davis of Michigan’s Eastern district, liberals heads would explode voting against the first black woman Supreme Court judge.