BREAKING: Second Presidential Debate CANCELED!

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  1. The only debate I would like to see is with Joe Rogan. Joe should invite the shaman and both candidates, they should all take the mushrooms and then we would be sure the answers to the questions are true.

  2. I beg to differ, both US presidential candidates DO have ideas: to gain as much power and wealth as possible without wasting one femtogram of either by accidental leaking/trickling any of it to those who elected them.
    Further they are NOT jokes, not even bad ones: at best they are utter insults to the propaganda image of the USA. More accurately, they are, and revel in being, vicious, mass- murdering machines.

  3. There's a reason why the Biden campaign has been banking on that notorious "Hiden' Biden" strategy: Biden has much more to lose than to gain from being exposed to public scrutiny such as via TV debates. It would've been much in the interest of the Trump campaign to let the 2nd debate happen — even if they strongly disagreed with the format. I'm afraid their objection played right into the Biden campaign's hands. ?

  4. Personally, I like the Jerry Springer clown shows. I like seeing them get called out. It’s probably the most authentic time we’ll see the “real” politicians (liars).

    And to those that say “Omg! He was so rude”….go back to listening to WAP ?

  5. How you cancel a non-debate? They are not debates, they are simply a political version of big time wrestling. No issues discussed just name calling and put downs, a waste of time at best and destructive at worst.

  6. So Trump will be COVID-free and they'll still refuse to honor the original format?
    I said it all along that they'll blame anything and everything on COVID.
    A vote for Biden is a vote for losing freedom.

  7. Trump did the right thing here. Biden would of been on a teleprompter. Biden wanted the rules changed, now he wants to hide at home? If Biden can't stand up to Trump he can't stand up to foreign leaders.

  8. Did anyone see the Repub ad that is attached to this video?

    t-Rump accusing the Dems of corruption (ok, legitimate, but consider the source)

    President t-Rump is calling on you (says the ad)

    This is the genuinely entertaining part, with visually pulsing words the ad says……DRAIN THE SWAMP. So, the Repubs, with this part of the message, are overtly and blatantly spraying pure s..f at their supporters and hoped for voters simply because …… it worked last time.

    The whole ad is so opposite the easily observable truth that it is for real breathtaking

  9. Oh and the moderator was colluding with the ‘Mooch’ about how he would handle Trump. Then said his Twitter was hacked. Impartial – they are not.

  10. Jimmy Trump past the first step act . It let thousands of non-violent drug offenders out of jail early. 91% were black. Maybe that nothing to a liberal like you, but it mean a lot to the black community. TRUMP2020

  11. The chance Trump would have still been contagious by the second debate was ZERO. This decision tells you everything you need to know about the CPD.

  12. No your a bad joke, if you had any brains whatsoever you would know Trump is the way to go, if you even think Biden is even an option you sir are as dumb as you appear on here

  13. I think your general assessment about the debates being a joke is a logical one! – And I would like to add to that ….. the presidential “election” is also a joke, AKA fraud! – I encourage voters to boycott the poles. Otherwise, voters legitimise the already fraudulent system of elections.

  14. "We can't win the debate. Let's change the debate rules."
    "We couldn't win the Senate. Let's pack the Supreme Court."
    "We can't win the election. Let's change to mail-in ballots."

    I sense a pattern.

  15. Why say Trumps has no ideas? That's not true. He's laid them all out for everyone to see and whether you agree with them or not, they exist. So why say they don't?

  16. As much as TRUMP likes duking it out, he is smart not to be a participant where another one of the moderators hate him. If, by doing it virtually, the 2nd "debate" was conducted, we all know that Demented Joe would get soft ball questions, ("boxers or briefs" comes to mind), and the Orange Man would have to (again) respond as to why he has killed 213,000 people. A friggin' leftist DNC sham, in their continued 4 year effort to eliminate this President.