Ryan Grim, Robby Soave, and managing editor of Shadowproof, Kevin Gosztola, react to reporting that the CIA developed plans to assassinate Julian Assange for his role in the Vault 7 leaks.

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  1. Assange and Snowden should be protected as whistleblowers. They let us know important information that we should have known that was kept from us! Drop the case against them both! I heard that the CIA have Assange.

  2. wasnt he the one who accused russia hacking the systems to help trump win? if this was done while trump was president what was trump trying to cover up????

  3. Jah ❤️ is real 💯 peace 💯 hw ur my pple of the world n USA to the pple of the United States its time u u u n u stand up for our rights all of these governments that comes n go is poppets playin games with our life every ting they r doin is to please them themselfs in they games of life who is the risher n beter servant to the evil 😈 darkfose leaders.nw it comes down to Corona vaccines injections means who is lowality to the dorkfose leaders plans to take over humanity away from the most high of the highest who designed n created love peace unity forgivenes understanin sky oxygen Mercy Zion n earth 🌎 water 💦 rainbow 🌈⛅🌟🌒 lightin ⚡ thunders humanity animals.. meny r cal few r chosen blive n trust fast n pray only to the most high of the highest who designed n created love peace unity forgivenes sky Oxygen Mercy Zion n earth 🌍 water 💦 rainbow 🌈⛅🌟🌒 lightin ⚡ thunders humanity animals

  4. Its sad that this country has people working for America that can plan and carry out murdering people. America needs to get rid of anyone that kills another person out side war actions.

  5. It's good the corruption and terrorist activities of the CIA are coming to light. This terrorist outfit is still highly active in illegal activities across Africa. They're still covertly active in Afghanistan, all funded by US tax dollars. We cannot expect peaceful coexistence on our beautiful planet until the CIA and all other Pentagon terrorist cells are totally neauralised..

  6. You shouldn't be shocked that America would try these things. The indigenous peoples of North America were killed and their land was stolen from them. America has these characteristics from the beginning and now their dirty laundry is coming out again.

  7. What's shocking about it? Republicans are so greedy & evil they are actively destroying Democracy. The shock is that you people are shocked & are continuing to tiptoe around the cold hard truth that USA is not a democracy. The truth about our horrible, BS constitution & the "rule of law" being a joke.

  8. First; most of these people don't have the Security Clearance to know anything other than the CIA exists and does stuff around the world. Second; if in fact the CIA had planned to do something like this, it's highly unlikely that anyone outside the operation itself could be implicated. These plans mentioned are ludicrous.

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