BREAKING SHORT – Sen Gerard Rennick interrogates the RBA over credit in the economy

LNP Senator Gerard Rennick grilling the Reserve Bank of Australia in the 10 November 2022 Senate Estimates hearing of the Senate Economics Committee.

Rennick’s questioning contrasts the cheap money offered to the banks in an environment of increasing interest rates that are constraining demand, with the better, anti-inflationary policy of increasing supply to curb inflation through cheap credit directed into productivity-increasing economic programs including infrastructure building.


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  1. We work build produce and create for society and get the short end of the stick.
    They shuffle a bit of paper and make a 3000 percent profit or something like that as the that parasitical twerp said.
    I'd love to smash that useless parasite into the next century.
    Be gone with them.
    We need a peoples bank now!!!

  2. There are only 2 Senators in the Qld LNP worthy of a vote. That's Mr Rennick and Matt Canavan, the rest are Globalist Filth!
    Vote below the line in the Senate and reward only the good Senators not the rest of the Filth.

  3. Subsiding the banks! Who have indebted Australians with their reckless lending practices which have more than quadrupled house prices over the past 2 decades, and allowed them to collect vast sums of interest, probably over multiple generations.

  4. Such an important issue that gets no airing in the media. Gerard seems to be the only politician that is genuinely and regularly acting in favour of the public at large.

  5. Destroy supply chains during the "pandemic" which causes a lack of goods then pump up the currency supply through MMT…Now I'm no genius but my god if that combination dosen't push up prices of everything i don't know what would.

    "Rising prices are a consequence of expanding the money supply" Murray Rothbard.

    Inflation the hidden tax.


  6. this so called reserve bank is not a govt bank it is privately owned & run by a consortium of the major banks. the govt & the reserve are in bed together & the govt does nothing to alleviate the suffering of people but instead permits the banks to profit greatly regardless. this con has been in place for decades. best of my knowledge since the 1920's.

  7. So they want free money to keep the status quo. We have to live with more scarcity instead of building more infrastructure to decrease scarcity. These bankers need to be stopped and cleared out.

  8. Bravo for asking incisive questions, Sen Gerard Rennick and for noting what the banking mafia hides and wants us to ignore: getting rich with taxpayers money Kudos to the Austrailan Citizen's Party for working on a proposal for our National infrastructure Bank!

  9. One correction, the biggest global economic impact is not "because of the Ukraine war", it is from the West's economic sanctions on Russia. They are two very different things, one of them we have control over!

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