BREAKING: Sydney Mother Indecently Assaulted by NSW RIOT POLICE speaks out! Part 1/2

BREAKING NEWS: South-western Sydney mother of two who was attacked and indecently assaulted by a gang of out of control NSW Riot Police has spoken out for the first time since the horrific incident 2 days ago.
In protest of the Government’s fear campaign the young 3rd year nursing student has announced her resignation from her nursing career as a political statement in defiance to the brutal indecent assault carried out on her by members of the NSW POLICE Public Order and Riot Squad.
Her statement is being broadcasted her exclusively on the Aussie Cossack Channel for the world to see. Share this video far and wide! The world is watching the horror story of dictatorship and tyranny unfold in Australia!
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Written by Aussie Cossack


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  2. I hope she sues them for all she can get, this is beyond disgusting and those officers should be publicly shamed, on every social media channel in the world, this country is no longer Australia its Natzi Germany 1945 and the NSW Police are the 3rd Reich.

  3. Everything that they are doing and telling people to do is 'Unlawful'!! The 'Bio-security Act of 2015 Section 61' and 'The Privacy Act of 1988 section 94H' clearly states this!! State Premiers are lying to the public and instructing Police to act NOT in accordance with our Constitution and our Laws, that are in place to protect ALL of us. Police take an Oath to 'Serve and Protect'. These actions by Police are Criminal!!!

  4. One cop hung his head in shame and told her his name. The others walked away – guilty sick freaks that we need to get off OUR streets. Find out if they trained in Israel for Soros Strong City Network to break cities heart and spirit. are they division 322?

  5. This is disgraceful!!! These cops need to be held accountable and taken to Court. What happened to this dear girl is Illegal and Unlawful!! WHERE IS OUR SO CALLED LEADER OF THIS COUNTRY!! Traitors! Dear Natalia, if you are reading this, just know my prayers are with you, don't let them get away with this. xxx

  6. i'm normally with you guys but once again you are twisting the video to try and show police brutality. you have failed to provide the any lead up video. she and her foul mouthed friend were previously given a directive to move on. the start of the video shows the lady is already on the ground and thrashing about exposing her undererwear. how did she get to be on the ground? i'll tell you. she through herself to the ground and thrashed about whilst displaying that she has certainly learnt how to use swear words directed towards the coppers. her dress only rode up showing her underwear. the police didn't pull her dress up. the aussie cossack himself advises not to use violence against the police as this will only escalate the situation. i do however express concerns that from what i could see, none of the police were displaying any badge numbers or means of identification. balanced reporting please

  7. Those police should be lined up and given a shot!!!! Animals, pigs, brain dead excuses for human being.

    Any self respecting police person would resign Nd file. Charges against the responsible parties!!!

  8. She was correct about the appeal to the governor general as it is an appeal to the power, and responsibility, of the Crown, as expressed during the corronation oath, the duty to protect subjects of the realm. It shows that she has a firm grasp on the power structure that not only fairly rules, yet is also meant to protect this country, and others of the realm.

  9. Disgusting! The blue line gang are power crazy ! Sanctioned by the government we voted into power , to look after citizens ! This is vile . every pig in the sty take a long hard look at yourselves !!! Pig pile are degenerate,s . earn the hate every min of every day . how long are we going to allow this abuse to go on ???? Remember the people are the power! …

  10. I am Utterly ashamed to be an Australian right now our police are out of control some of them anyway.
    Poor woman I hope she is able to recover from this incident my heart goes out to her with my love 💕

  11. Disgraceful behavior no woman should be treated like this especially not by the police its not OK any one else would be charged but they wont they seem to be able to get away with this kind of behavior shame on them

  12. Every one of those officers should lose their jobs instantly and face criminal charges.

    Absolutely disgusting behaviour from the very people we're supposed to be depending on to protect us.