BREAKING: They’re Going ALL IN!

BREAKING: They’re Going ALL IN!

This video explains the breaking developments in Texas and how they’re going all in now.

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Written by WeAreChange

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  1. GOD forbid. An elementary school.
    Why doesn’t schools have security or police officers.
    This is why these psychos go for these places. No retaliation. Every school ,church , etc should have armed personnel at that location.

  2. If not for the whole fat acceptance crap the government probably would have mandated diets by now, let's be honest. They're drunk enough on power to try something like that if they had the desire to.

  3. I think he was just a person on pain. Family didn't give him love/attention. Therefore he didn't know how to act around other people.
    Hurt people will hurt other people.

  4. First off great classic footage of the man to kick this report off! I felt your perspective Luke about the whole tragic school shooting. The points you made are solid to me and I like how you brought that article up. My heart seriously goes out to those families! What makes it so hard and sadder is that they were kids.

  5. 2:30 The need for a cashless society?
    Recently, you couldn't pay cashless in groceriestores because the card readers malfunctioned. We were told to pay in cash.
    With the breakdown of our electrical grid on the horizon a cashless society seems not that of a great idea.

  6. Jesus The Messiah/Savior of sinners is coming to Rapture His own from Great Tribulation. Also would someone be willing to help/assist a man ( not give permission ) who is going around the sun for the 78 time & house bound – C.H.F. +- to secure some S.D.T. supplies If so your reply would be appreciated .

    Live in N.Y.C. my condition prevents me both physically & financial from jumping the multitude of infringement hurdles 🙂 that is why I required assistance. ~Maranatha~

  7. I blame the Liberals who took God out of everything. They took prayer and the Bible out of school. This world needs Jesus Christ!
    Stop the killing of babies! End abortion!

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