BREAKING: UK Orders Extradition of Julian Assange to US

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About Richard Medhurst: #RichardMedhurst is an independent journalist and commentator born in Damascus. He is half British, half Syrian and speaks four languages: English, French, Arabic and German. His reporting focuses primarily on international relations, the Middle East and US politics, rooted in anti-imperialism. Medhurst is one of few journalists who covered the Julian Assange extradition hearing in London; he has done extensive coverage on Palestine, the Iran Nuclear Deal and war on Syria.
Regular live streams and interviews, with popular guests from the Left such as Glenn Greenwald, Jimmy Dore, Max Blumenthal (Grayzone) and more. Other previous guests include the Russian and Palestinian Ambassadors, the Foreign Minister of Venezuela and numerous other foreign dignitaries and United Nations officials.
Richard Medhurst has appeared on George Galloway RT, Al Mayadeen, Alikhbaria, Black Agenda Report, The Canary and various other international news outlets.

Written by Richard Medhurst


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  1. Every UK prime minister dances to d tune and licks d ass of d US president of his time and we have witness and acknowledged this universal truth over d years and this we all know will continue for as long as d world keeps moving.They commit d same international crimes have d same common enemies.

  2. Video starts at 23:47
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  3. The establishment try to cover up the sun with a finger. But no one can hide the truth. With all the good intentions and prayers Julian is blessed. Humans are so powerful that I hope he knows that. I love Julian Assange.

  4. States are the repressive apparatus of the the RULING CLASS. Their only purpose is the oppression of their own people and that of the rest of the world. Courts are PART OF THE STATE. Hope people finally pull their heads out of their asses and shake all the propaganda that's been shoved up the same orifice their entire lives out of their ears. The STATE is ORGANIZED CRIME by definition.

  5. So Julian's attorney's basically destroyed an important aspect of his case either with or without malice. WHY weren't they advised by people who understood this aspect of the law? Perhaps speaking to David Mendoza would enlighten them? I hope David is communicating with Julian via letters? It sounds like it would help him on many levels. Thanks so much Richard and David! This is sad day.

  6. The NAZI controllers of this nation think they are about to take over the entire world. I think the WORLD has other ideas. I am NOT talking about the Ukrainian Nazis. "Give me the media and I will turn any nation into a herd of pigs." Europe and 'muriKKKa ARE the herd.

  7. During my graduate program in a State university in the US, I was told by administration that I could not use the Wikileaks Files publication as a citation source in my course work for Public Policy. What did I do? I not only used the Wikileaks Files in all of my class papers and essays, I utilized and quoted from the Wikileaks Files in my Senior Thesis. Come to find out, universities have been told that ramifications could happen if Assange’s publication is used in an academic context. I don’t know how enforceable this is, but the US doesn’t want this information public.

  8. I pre ordered the nils melzer book the trial of Julian Assange. It was supposed to be released on Feb 8th it was delayed until March I just received another email saying the release has been delayed until may 31st. Why is it taking so long to release this book?

  9. The Empire strikes back.
    Considering the huge number of lives that the Empire has destroyed, Assange stands out because his story has been documented. Take away the fame and multiply by a million+. Assange should be covered, but it should be recognized that he is one of millions, most will suffer and die as anonymous beings.

  10. Richard, the first time I ever saw you was in London at the first Assange hearing way back when. I've been with you from the start and am very happy for your success and global growth! You're a very important journalist, and you do the job in the correct spirit and in the correct way. You are the real deal, and I love you. Thank you for your coverage and for your consistency.

  11. England, Canada, and Australia are anglo-western nations that are still small enough for a true democratic rebellion. It does occur to me that the needed rebellion in the US will probably start in one of these nations. If it starts at all.
    – The monitoring and control systems within the US are so powerful that successful internal rebellion is extremely unlikely. The bureaucracies that learned to suppress foreign uprisings have achieved full power within the US. Internal rebellions are strangled in the cradle. Total collapse of the Empire or total rule by the Empire seem to be the mostly likely outcomes. The Empire has not yet been fatally wounded, setbacks, yes. The recent wounds are not fatal, steps can and will be taken to heal.

    Frontal assaults will fail.The chickens have come home.

  12. This entire court case against Julian Assange should have been televised LIVE from the court room for all the world to see and hear. Technically, there is nothing about this trial that is legal, just or ethical – that's why! it wasn't televised for public and professional scrutiny. It's like the trial of the century that never existed

  13. We are obviously being governed by powerful criminals in suits, filled with hate and contempt for 'truth and justice', having no shame or moral conscience.
    Name and shame these bastards

  14. The US and the UK, aren't they the same buds who gave us the never-ending 'war on terror' by manufacturing a lie to create it? Yep, we can always count on these two war lords to give us 'truth and justice'. facepalm

  15. There is no 'freedom of the press' in the US and UK…only 'government-approved' News makes headlines. But wait, isn't that like what they call 'state-run news media'? YEP, just a politically shrouded version

  16. Dont worry, he will be out, from the USA, thereby making it clear as day to the world that the USA is the land of Democracy, Freedom and the Faithful. He will be the light bearer. wink* wink* The US need to get to bottom of it all, down under. At the back door of Russia and basically all of Asia.

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