BREAKING: US Inflation Reaches 30 YEAR HIGH, Up 6.2% Over 12 Months

Ryan Grim and Robby Soave react to shocking new data on the state of the U.S. economy.

President Joe Biden image courtesy of AP Photo/Alex Brandon

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  1. So raise people's wages to give them the illusion that government cares.
    Raising wages along with prices isn't a logical nor sensible solution. This has literally been happening in the countries that have been doing this for over a year.
    Get people back to work and stop politicizing every single thing that effects the average American.

  2. Joe Biden did not win the election, it was the biggest farce in American history and I think a lot of people are waking up to that. Communism has a 100% failure rate why can't the left understand it

  3. Split up monopolistic companies like AT&T that has enough money to buy Trump, his lawyer and the decision to purchase direct TV! Then direct TV became one bad service and truly expensive. Breakup Facebook, Essilor Lenses who destroyed every single competitor, the food chain production and distribution. We all became slaves of the large corporations that make enough to buy politicians and fix their prices abusively. Encouraging competence is the soul of capitalism. Encouraging monopolistic monsters is what brings America to a dictatorship!

  4. Food price dictates the price of all things. That is because all things require labor, and labor requires people who eat. The reason the energy inflation is such a big deal is because fossil fuels are primarily responsible for maintaining the low price of food production and distribution. Rising energy prices will lead to rising prices of all things. When economics does not solve the issue of feeding the masses, the masses will turn to force to solve these problems. War is likely.

  5. 3:02 EXACTLY
    There are two ways to deal with a supply chain crisis:
    1) Make the majority too poor to afford anything
    2) Increase domestic manufacturing

    We need to demand the latter is done

  6. Biden is proving that being President for him is more about achieving personal goals than really understanding how to run a country. And to think in a traditional sense, he was the perfect Candidate. He paid his dues both as a Senator and a Vice President.

  7. Less Ryan please. He doesn’t seem to understand causal relationships and his understanding of economics is limited at best. His faith in government programs and ‘central planning’, given decades of modern documented failure, is heartbreaking.

  8. Watching re-runs of "The Walking Dead" caused me to deduce that zombies realy do exist. In large part they roam the halls of congress, but we call them Democrats.

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