BREAKING: What You’re NOT Hearing About Afghanistan NOW

BREAKING: What You’re NOT Hearing About Afghanistan NOW

This report goes deep into what you’re not hearing about this major breaking development.

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Written by WeAreChange

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  1. So people are buying this ? lol they rearmed them as they were leaving a few weeks back and now have a future Racket to look forward to – not fooling me America….

  2. Oh my all those Afghans don't have masks on superspreader..your worse than Sturgis bike rally and Obama Birthday party put together..oh my Dr Fauci is going to have a fit.

  3. No one has yet to ask who gave the training to have them be able to drive military helicopters, drones, tanks, ect. Also how was this acquired. They have all American weapons. Well the ones that know the truth the CIA is behind all of this.

  4. So trump was nominated for the peace prize for his policies in the middle east and Biden (again) undoes the POSITIVE POLICIES to have this happening?
    Any Biden lovers out there should be ashamed.
    I am not shoved up Trump's but. I realize he was not perfect.
    But I sure do miss him.

  5. If 1000 average americans worked their entire lives and gave their earnings to the Taliban they still wouldn't have been able to purchase as much military hardware as Biden gave them in 8 months.