BREAKING: Zelensky & Putin May Meet FACE TO FACE, Moscow Pulls Troops AWAY From Kiev

Ryan Grim, Kim Iversen, and Robby Soave react to the latest developments in Russia-Ukraine peace negotiations.

Russian President Vladimir Putin attends a meeting in Moscow, Russia, Tuesday, March 29, 2022. (Mikhail Klimentyev, Sputnik, Kremlin Pool Photo via AP) In this image from video provided by the Ukrainian Presidential Press Office, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy speaks from Kyiv, Ukraine, Monday night, March 28, 2022. (Ukrainian Presidential Press Office via AP)

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  1. Yeah this is one of the few times that I completely disagree with Kim about stopping the armament. If Ukraine cannot defend itself then Russia just plows through them, With no regard for the Ukrainian people whatsoever. As long as Russia continues to be the aggressor, then I believe that Ukraine should be given what it needs to fend off the bully. A bully will continue to beat on someone because that’s what bullies do. No I’m not saying that Ukraine is completely devoid of issue or fault in this scenario, but they are not the aggressor and should be able to defend themselves despite what imperfections they may have.

  2. Come on, Ryan. What is that comment that there is so much more nationalism on both sides of the border. Ryan, you are dumb or naive or just a schill?

  3. Please, Hill, yank Ryan from Rising. Inarticulate, stammering, and not much reasoning. Find out how many viewers check in just to see Kim and some pushback from Robbie, the other side. Ryan is useless.

  4. Ukraine can't take all the voluteers. They don't need conscripts. There wil be no win for Putin. At least Kim realizes she is a Putin puppet. The Russians can't feed the troops they have on the ground. Adding more troops would be dumb. Waiting to these imaginary Russian super weapons. Ever weapon Ukraine, they get. Glory to Ukraine!!

  5. I agree with Kim all the us is doing is instigating and provoking a world war 3 they need to stay out of it and let them handle their business just like the us did that in the Middle East and no one got involved

  6. This war has been a disaster for the west and US. Which is potentially why the puppet Zelensky is now considering negatiations.

    Let me explain, during this war all sanctions backfired, Russia can literally stop the progression of economies by cutting off their energy supply.

    Kremlin is so smart that they did not ask sanctions to be lifted instead they asked to be paid in rubbles. This was a win win for Kremlin. Either they get paid in ruble and cause the demand for ruble to rise or they stop the energy supply without any contract breach.

    Secondly the petrodollar has been challenged, the middle East countries opted for other currencies to trade their oil and didn't limit themselves to the Dollar. If many countries starts to deal with currencies other than the US dollars, the value of the dollar will fall and most US citizens life would be affected negatively.

    I'm pretty sure it's in the best interest of the US to stop the war asap. Probably one of the few occasion where US couldn't benefit from a war.

    Sales of weapons Vs decreased standard of living of American citizens…

    US doesn't have any ally, the pressure the NATO countries into accepting their terms but that was exposed in this war.

    Middle East oil suppliers even ignored Biden's calls. Says a lot of how they view the US. Not an ally certainly.

    US is being exposed thanks to Biden being the president of the US.

    Change is coming.

  7. Sorry Kim, you lost that final argument and rightly so because you think like a compassionate woman who hates war as we all do but cant understand men like Putin wont stop.
    Chin up, your usually right but not in this case for now.

  8. Big party at klaus place in switzerland to celebrate even more record profits for the WEF. No rules, no laws just pure profit while thinning out their human herd – win win – daddy klaus will give them both what, maybe a human child, i hear the .001 percent really like our children.

  9. Zelensky enacted conscription and banned multiple political parties in his own government. We'll see how popular he is with Ukrainians once the dust has settled.

  10. Dont confuse conscripts with leadership in the Russian system. The leadership at the top started every war of conquest regardless of the men yes men who have to die in these wars. Once attacked by an aggressor you must fight or be concurred unless your into being subjugated.
    As much as i detest the “military industrial Complex’s” influence on politicians going to war when its not warranted, Ukraine would be defeated rapidly if not. We should have armed them to the teeth with defensive weapons a year ago.
    Sī vīs pācem, parā bellum
    for "If you want peace, prepare for war".

  11. I really can't stand these two jokers on this show. They're advocating for war this is nonsense they don't care how many ukrainians or Russians die. We should be advocating for peace. Putin got what he wanted he's got the Dom bass region he's got more regions in Ukraine and those neo-nazis won't be there shelling Russians which was probably one of the reasons he went in there or one of the excuses in the first place so let's have a cake for peace and you don't know what Putin is thinking you're the same people who voted for Joe Biden shut up

  12. this channel more and more is becoming a joke, after watching it for that last weeks, the level stays in line with RT and Sputnik, by they way i still get it. Even Fox brings more profound information than The Hill. the level is really subterranean, gossip at its best

  13. No Kim it’s not “Russia likes poisoning”, but it’s the West likes to accuse Russia of poisoning and not just Russia btw. Every single accusation not only lacked evidence, but also common sense.

  14. Just to clarify what happened. Ukrainian side for the first time put its conditions in writing. Russian side will discuss it and give counter proposal. Scaling of operation in one of the areas around Kiev was planned and is not in response to negotiations. Russia’s focus was always Donbas, denazification, demilitarization (distraction of military infrastructure and equipment). I’m pretty sure when peace agreement will be reached it will include the point of limited military arsenal in Ukraine.

  15. Yeah, many could tell this Zelensky thing was not going the wests way because of the intensity of the American DeepState and its corporate medias propaganda gaslighting. I was asking the question of corporate media outlets which infuriated their zealots.
    If this is actually happening…if…if…it means Ukraine is in dire straits. But, it also means Russia has offered Ukraines terms of surrender acceptable to the west, namely the US.

  16. Western sourced analysis are completely bias and propagandized . Russia is winning and will win …. There are independent real journalist on the ground and have reported Kiev is still standing the internet is still working , water electricity etc etc . They also have said that Russia has completely surrounded the Ukrainian troops and have started cutting supply lines . There is no way out for Ukraine according to other sources .

  17. Kim is truly outstanding!!! The other two guys are so much mainstream media and so much less informative! I would appreciate if the blond kid would no longer be in the program. He has so good ideas and is basically giving just very low witted comments. Kim on the other hand is intelligent and active and in full command of the situation! She is a true objective reporter able to provide a good description of the situation – showing both sides and not just mindlessly reiterating nonsence like the other two guy.

  18. "Russia has handled this smartly, wanting to bring Ukraine back into the Russian fold"… kinda leaves out all of the war crimes (bombing hospitals, targeting civilians) Russia is committing, Kim.

  19. Russia leveled a couple cities, neighborhoods, killed thousands of civilians and Ukraine is supposed to feel like a "winner" because they get to stay a country? Kim sounds like the same people who were constantly making excuses for Putin just before he invaded.

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