Breakthrough Cases and Vaccine Passports

Taken from JRE #1693 w/Evan Hafer:

Written by PowerfulJRE


  1. 9 million people die of hunger a year (covid = 2 million), where is the initiative for those people?

    The answer is drum roll There is none because they're poor and have no infrastructure to control.

    If this was a humanitarian effort then we would be looking out for the humans that need it most, not the 99% who will survive this virus.

  2. You haven't been as responsible as Adam Corrolla. You're enriching yourself at the expense of your listeners.

    You need to be as real as you pretend to be.

    Stop lying to yourself.

  3. crazy I live in China and am not forced to to do anything places are locked down but only if there was a break out. what's happening everywhere else in the world (trying to do what they accuse China of doing)? fuck all governments and I can say that in what I know is a safe environment (Unlierthe states today).

  4. Imagine a vaccine so safe and effective you have to be bribed to take it against a virus so dangerous and deadly you have to be tested to see if you have it.

  5. Oh man, Joe Rogan citing a scientific paper. That can only go wrong. Figure this: how many people die in car crashes despite wearing a seat belt? Does that mean seat belts are pointless? Also Joe, please you have no idea how evolution works. The virus will mutate in unvaccinated people as well. This vaccine is highly efficient – its the best protection we have. Take it!

  6. Objectivist garbage spiraling conservative fantasy distilled into 14:38. This is the definition of fantasy. They are literally arguing with fictional characters they have created themselves in their own heads. Seriously, this is the definition of fantasy. This is what people do alone in the shower in the morning to make themselves feel like they are right. You create a bad guy in your head and then fantasize about how you win the argument. This isn't conversation and discussion, this is fantasy. They are fantasizing together.

  7. Is this video getting shadow banned? Had to write the entire damn video title to find this video lol… Anything else that I search for youtube suggest search words but not for this video, no no no xD wtf